is lt kenda married

Is Lt Joe Kenda still married?

Personal life. Kenda married his high school girlfriend, Mary Kathleen “Kathy” Mohler, on December 26, 1967. They have two children — Dan, a retired United States Navy commander, and Kris, a retired United States Air Force major.

Does Kenda wear a wig?

Mike Schuttler‎Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda. The first season u can tell it’s not his real hair. Just looked it up, he actually is wearing a wig.03.03.2016

Did Joe Kenda lose a child?

Then, on a bed, bleeding profusely with two gunshot wounds was a slain five-year-old boy who wore Mickey Mouse pajamas. “My son had those pajamas when he was little,” Kenda says. “Now, my son was 19 years old when I saw that crime scene, but I saw him in that bed.”28.08.2019

What’s Joe Kenda doing now?

He’s currently leading American Detective on Discovery Plus, which is entering its second season on Jan. 26. Instead of sharing intimate details about cases he worked on, this time, Joe is highlighting cases — as well as the detectives who worked on them — from all over the United States.25.01.2022

Is Joe Kenda coming back to TV?

Joe Kenda, an American true-crime documentary series that ran for nine seasons on Investigation Discovery (ID). … Joe Kenda is streaming on discovery+ with season two releasing January 26, 2022.19.01.2022

Where does Joe Kenda currently live?

Answer: I live in Virginia. We moved out of Colorado Springs in 2014. And we did that because my son is in the U.S. Navy and he’s a nuclear engineer and was a commander in the Navy at the time\ when we moved.01.01.2021

Is Homicide Hunter still on TV?

Homicide Hunter debuted on October 25, 2011. In May 2019, Kenda announced in a video posted on the show’s official Facebook page that the ninth season of Homicide Hunter would be its last.

What is Joe Kenda’s new show?

American Detective With Lt. Joe Kenda returns for a second season to Discovery+ on Wednesday, January 26, with the first two new episodes. The true-cream series is hosted by one of America’s toughest detectives, Lt. Joe Kenda, who had another Discovery show for many years.25.01.2022

Will there be another season of Homicide Hunter?

Popular true-crime ‘Homicide Hunter’ begins final season. The popular true-crime series “Homicide Hunter” begins its ninth and final season Aug. 28. The program airs at 9 p.m. on Investigation Discovery and is among the network’s most popular shows.15.08.2019

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