is machel montano married

Who is Machel Montano’s wife?

On February 14, 2020 Montano married his longtime girlfriend Renee Butcher (now Renee Montano) at Trinidad’s The Red House, the first such wedding in 20 years at the country’s seat of parliament, making him only the second Soca singer male or female to get married in the month of February after Alison Hinds (with whom …

Did Marshall Montano get married?

Soca star Machel Montano has tied the knot. The 45-year-old wed his long-time partner Renee Butcher at the Red House on Valentine’s Day. The ceremony was the first to be held at the Rotunda at the Red House since the building was reopened just three weeks ago. … Montano and Butcher were wed under Christian rites.14 feb. 2020

Does Machel Montano have a child?

Malaya JourneyNicholas MontanoMelanie Montano

Where did Machel Montano get married?

THE WEDDING: On Valentine’s Day Soca star Machel Montano tied the knot and wed, Renee Butcher, at the Red House in Port of Spain under Christi…19 feb. 2020

What is Farmer Nappy real name?

Farmer Nappy, whose real name is Darryl Henry, himself has responded.7 feb. 2019

How much does Machel Montano charge for a show?

TRINIDADIAN Soca singer Machel Montano will reportedly be paid $100,000 to close out the Music Masters Concert for the upcoming Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival, according to a source on the National Festival Commission.

How old is Kes the Band?

Kes (commonly known as Kes the Band or KTB) is a Caribbean soca group formed in 2005, and known for their unique blend of soulful vocals, calypso inspired melodies, rock riffs and island beats, with hints of reggae.

Is Machel Montano retiring?

This year’s Machel Monday was the last for Machel Montano but the soca king is not retiring from staging events. Instead, come 2021, Montano will be taking his brand to the high seas.

Where did Machel Montano go to school?

Siparia Boys’ R.C.Presentation College San Fernando

What does Machel mean?

Intoruduced into Western Europe by returning knights and pilgrims of the famous Crusades to free the Holy Land, it derives from the medieval Hebrew and Biblical name “Michel”, meaning “He who is like the Lord”.

How old is Kess?

Kes is a female Ocampa, the species with a life span of only nine years whose home system Voyager was pulled into by the “Caretaker” entity of the Nacene race; although she appears as a twenty-year-old in human years, Kes is actually just two.

Where was Bazodee filmed?

Shot entirely in Trinidad and its smaller sister island Tobago (T&T) Bazodee’s $2 million budget (expensive by Caribbean film standards) was funded through various private investors, corporate sponsors and T&T government agencies.21 sep. 2016

What country is Farmer Nappy from?

Hailing from Triniadad and Tobago, he has been in the industry for more than 30 years, starting when he was just seven years old along with another Soca legend, Machel Montano. Farmer Nappy told NY1’s Ruschell Boone it all began with singing at parties, also known as fetes.

Who started soca?

Soca stands for “soul of calypso,” and it was pretty much invented in the 1970s by Trinidadian artist Lord Shorty, who claimed that the soul of calypso was as multicultural as his island’s African and East Indian descendants.

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