is maci bookout married

Is Maci and Taylor still married?

Maci Bookout & Taylor McKinney Maci married Taylor in October 2016, after welcoming two children together in May 2015 (Jayde) and May 2016 (Maverick). As they continue expanding their fashion line called TTM Lifestyle, Maci is quick to gush over her supportive husband. “I like him everyday.11 jan. 2022

What happened with Maci and Taylor?

During the episode, the star was ripped for yelling at Taylor after he asked a friend to pick their daughter Jayde up from school while Maci was sick in bed. She later confronted Taylor, explaining that she didn’t like him “making decisions about the kids” without her.7 dec. 2021

What does macis husband do?

Maci Bookout’s husband, Taylor McKinney, is a co-owner of their clothing line, but before that, he was a motocross racer.19 jan. 2022

Is Sassi Simmonds still with Darren?

Every single time me and Darren split up, I used to think that’s it now. This is it. I’ve got to do this alone. I’m a single mom.2 apr. 2021

Is Maci and Taylor pregnant with twins?

Maci’s going to be a mom — again! That’s right, the ‘Teen Mom’ star confirmed that she’s expecting twins. … They already share two little ones — Jayde Carter, 6, and Maverick Reed, 5 — and Maci gave birth to Bentley, 12, back when she was in high school dating Ryan Edwards, 27.16 okt. 2021

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