is marie benedict married

Who is Marie Benedict married to?

Heather Marie Benedict, a daughter of Jeanne Coyne Benedict and Coleman J. Benedict of Pittsburgh, was married there yesterday to James Alan Terrell, the son of Catherine Casaceli Terrell and James A. Terrell of Rochester.

Are Heather Terrell and Marie Benedict the same person?

Heather Benedict Terrell (born November 24, 1968) is an American novelist and lawyer who writes some of her novels as Marie Benedict.

Is Marie Benedict working on a new book?

​ Her latest novel, HER HIDDEN GENIUS, about the brilliant British scientist Rosalind Franklin who discovered the structure of DNA but whose research was used without her permission by Crick and Watson to win the Nobel Prize, releases on January 25, 2022.29 dec. 2020

Is the book the only woman in the room a true story?

The Only Woman in the Room is the fictionalized account of a remarkable woman, Hedwig Kiesler. Set in pre-WWII Austria, this daughter of a Jewish family has begun a career as a stage actress, known for her beauty and talent. … The Only Woman in the Room is somewhat of a hybrid Romance-Historical Fiction-Biography.21 apr. 2020

Is Marie Benedict white?

She was very fair, so she passed as being Caucasian. She came from a lineage of people who were very educated, very successful. Her father was the first African American to graduate from Harvard.

What is Lady Clementine about?

Lady Clementine is the ferocious story of the ambitious woman beside Winston Churchill, the story of a partner who did not flinch through the sweeping darkness of war, and who would not surrender either to expectations or to enemies.

How much of Personal Librarian is true?

With meticulous research, the authors have created a fictionalized, intimate portrait of the real-life Belle da Costa Greene, a person you’ve probably never heard of. In her time — early to mid-20th century — she was famous and celebrated in the international world of fine art and rare books.

Is The Personal Librarian true?

Inspired by true events, “The Personal Librarian,” by Pittsburgh native Marie Benedict and Victoria Christopher Murray, brings to life the lost story of Belle da Costa Greene, personal librarian to J.P. Morgan, one of the most powerful men of the early 20th century.1 jul. 2021

Is The Personal Librarian fiction or nonfiction?

Marie Benedict’s and Victoria Christopher Murray’s The Personal Library is a historical fiction based on the life of Belle da Costa Greene, born Belle Marion Greener.29 jun. 2021

How true is the other Einstein?

The Other Einstein is historical fiction. Warning: if you are a major fan of Albert Einstein, he is not very appealing in this book. Actually, he is portrayed as quite an ass! This book follows the life and career of Mileva Maric, who will eventually become Mrs.

How do I become the only woman in the room?

6 Tips to Use When You’re The Only Woman in the RoomGive Yourself A Pep Talk. Being the “only” can take a toll on your confidence, even when you don’t want it to. … Stock Up On Facts. … Dress For Success. … Watch Your Language. … Censor Your Self-Censor. … Fight Like a Man. … Conclusion.

Did Hedy Lamarr write a book?

Ecstasy and Me1966Ecstasy and me: la folle autobiographie d’Hedy Lamarr

Is the only woman in the room about Hedy Lamarr?

This is a commanding novel based on the true story of actress Hedy Lamarr whose patented idea laid the foundation for secure communications and cellphone technology.

Who is JP Morgan’s personal librarian?

But shortly after his death, Morgan’s personal librarian, a woman named Belle da Costa Greene, convinced J.P. Morgan’s son, Jack Morgan, to make the library a gift to New York City.31 aug. 2021

Who was JP Morgans personal librarian?

Archives of the Morgan Library & Museum, ARC 1664. Belle da Costa Greene (1879–1950) was one of the most prominent librarians in American history. She ran the Morgan Library for forty-three years—initially as the private librarian of J.

How does The Personal Librarian end?

The book ends with Belle successfully convincing Jack to make the library public. Many years later, as she burns all her records (to protect her identity and her life’s work by extension), she wonders if people will someday learn that the personal librarian to J. P. Morgan was a black woman.

Is the book Lady Clementine a true story?

Benedict (The Other Einstein) delivers a winning fictionalized biography of Clementine Churchill, the wife of Winston Churchill. The personality of Clementine reverberates in this intimate, first-person account of the loving 57-year marriage of the two political dynamos.27 sep. 2019

When was Lady Clementine written?

In January of 2020, LADY CLEMENTINE, the story of the incredible Clementine Churchill, was released, and became an international bestseller. Her next novel, the Instant NYTimes and USAToday bestselling THE MYSTERY OF MRS.

Who wrote Lady Clementine?

​​New from Marie Benedict, the New York Times bestselling author of THE ONLY WOMAN IN THE ROOM! An incredible novel that focuses on one of the people who had the most influence during World War I and World War II: Clementine Churchill. In 1909, Clementine Churchill steps off a train with her new husband, Winston.

What happened to JP Morgan library?

Morgan’s Library—as it was called for many years—is the historic heart of today’s Morgan Library & Museum. In 2010 the Morgan restored the interior of the 1906 library to its original grandeur. A new lighting system was installed to illuminate the extraordinary murals and decor of the four historic rooms.

What was wrong with JP Morgan’s nose?

When he was a young man, the Wall Street tycoon was afflicted with acne rosacea, a skin condition that left his nose the color and texture of a strawberry. A constant traveler, Morgan had sought medical help in every section of the world.

Did Costa Greene marry Belle?

She never married but admitted to affairs with Morgan, a Norwegian Count, a British Duke, and a decade long affair with art critic Bernard Berenson, whom she met in 1909 in New York. … Belle da Costa Greene died of cancer on May 10, 1950 at the age of 71 in New York City.26 jan. 2021

When did Belle da Costa Greene reveal her identity?

Before her death in 1950, Greene destroyed her personal papers. But she could not erase the birth certificate identifying her as “colored.” Nearly 50 years later, historian Jean Strouse, author of “Morgan: American Financier,” revealed the truth in her definitive 1999 biography.10 sep. 2021

Who was JP Morgan and what did he do?

J.P. Morgan was known for reorganizing businesses to make them more profitable and stable and gaining control of them. He reorganized several major railroads and became a powerful railroad magnate. He also financed industrial consolidations that formed General Electric, U.S. Steel, and International Harvester.

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