is mark lane married

Who is Mark Lane’s partner?

Mark lives in Canterbury, Kent with his partner Jasen Cavalli, who is a Computer Programmer. Their garden The Orchard is open under The National Garden Scheme.

What is Mark Lanes disability?

Garden landscape designer and writer Mark Lane is the UK’s first disabled presenter to join the long-running BBC Gardeners’ World team. He was born spina bifida and has myalgic encephalopathy, both of which he was diagnosed with in later life.

Who was the first presenter of Gardeners World?

Gardeners’ World is a British long-running BBC programme about gardening, first broadcast on 5 January 1968 and still running as of 2022. Its first series was presented by Ken Burras and came from Oxford Botanical Gardens.

Is Sue Kent married?

Sue Kent Marital Status is married. She married his partner Stephan. She has blessed 2 children. Her children’s name is James and Georgina.

Why does Mark Lane always wear a scarf?

Our ambassador Mark Lane talks about the importance of disability representation in mainstream fashion. … I love a little bit of flamboyancy — hence my growing collection of scarves, which I love as a fashion accessory. Although if I’m being totally honest also to cover my stomach.

Is Sarah Raven married?

She is married to writer Adam Nicolson, and has two daughters with him, plus three stepsons from his previous marriage. Her family’s move to a small farm in Sussex was depicted in Nicolson’s book Perch Hill: A New Life.

Who will take over from Monty Don?

The horticulturist told his fans that they would be in safe hands as host Adam Frost will take the helm in his absence. Adam has been a regular on the BBC One show since 2018, with the garden designer known for winning seven Gold Medals at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Who is Sue Kent?

Sue Kent is a Gardener and a new presenter on Gardeners’ World 2021 as well as a Professional Masseur offering sports Massage and relaxation Massage. Sue was born in the early 1960s and due to the Morning Sickness drug Thalidomide and its side effects, Sue was born with an upper limb disability.

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