is mark peterson kxly married

Did Mark Peterson get married?

Mark and Cassandra tied the knot in 1981 and he became her personal manager. The couple worked together on numerous Elvira shows. They had one daughter together, Sadie, who was born on October 12, 1994.

Did Mark Peterson retire?

Mark Peterson – Man of leisure – Presently “retired.” Assessing options, of which retirement is not that attractive.

Where is Robyn Nance Kxly?

Robyn has been in Spokane since 1996, a month before ice storm hit. After that “warm” welcome, she and her husband felt initiated to the area, and now consider the Inland Northwest home.

Who is Mark V Peterson?

Mark Peterson is proud to be a Hunter and Conservationist. Mark has successfully completed the Grand Slam of NA Sheep, Triple Slam, World Turkey Slam, Upland Slam, and Waterfowl Slam. His dedication to the outdoors allows him to also be an outfitter and TV host.

Where is Nia Wong?

Nia Wong joined the 4 News Now team as an evening anchor and investigative reporter in August 2019. She comes to the Lilac City by way of Sin City, having spent three years as the weekend morning anchor and morning reporter for the CBS affiliate in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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