is mark s allen married

What is Mark S Allen real name?

Mark S. Allen, whose real name is Mark Allen Stell, 50, of Roseville, was arrested in the early morning hours of Dec. 4 by Roseville police. Allen is the entertainment anchor for CBS-owned KOVR’s “Good Day Sacramento” morning show.

How many children does Mark S Allen have?

Personal life. Allen has three children.

What happened to Mark S Allen’s son?

Allen’s son was among four teenagers burned in a backyard accident at a home in Lincoln, police confirmed Sunday. … The Lincoln Police Department said that the accident happened when one of the people at the gathering threw gasoline at a backyard fire pit to try to get the fire going.

What happened to Mark S Allen?

Allen, suffered burn injuries along with three other people at a gathering in Lincoln over the weekend. … In a Facebook post on Monday morning, Mark said Jackson suffered third-degree burns on 25% of his body – with the majority of the burns on his chest, legs, and right arm.

Where did Mark S Allen go to high school?

His father was in the oil-supply business in Odessa, Texas, where Allen attended Permian High School, immortalized in the 1990 nonfiction bestseller “Friday Night Lights,” which later was adapted into a film and TV series.

Who is Mark Allen in Vera?

Who was Mark Allen on Vera? For the past eight years, Mark was a painter on the show, working tirelessly in the art department to ensure the scenes were filled with colour. Born in Durham, where some scenes of the show are shot, the veteran crew member had a dab hand for fixing things around the local area.10 sep. 2021

Who was Mark Allen on Dark Shadows?

Mark Allen (April 16, 1920- May 21, 2003) was the first actor who played Sam Evans on the original Dark Shadows for the character’s first seven appearances. He was replaced by David Ford, who played Sam until the character was killed off in 1968.

Who is Marcus Allen’s wife?

In 1986, Allen met Kathryn Edwards and the two later got engaged. They married in 1993 at O.J.

How did Marcus Allen son get burned?

In a Facebook post on Sunday, Allen revealed that his son Jackson was one of the people who was seriously burned. Allen wrote that his son was an informal prom gathering when someone apparently added an accelerant into a fire pit. “It doused him and set him on fire,” Allen wrote.

What happened to Jackson Allen?

The football star was released from the Firefighters Burn Institute Regional Burn Center at UC Davis Medical Center a month ago after recovering from third-degree burns on roughly half of his body. … Allen, whose son was also burned in the incident.10 aug. 2021

Is DS Aiden Healy married?

He is married to fellow actress Caroline Carver who is known for her parts in The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns (1999), The Aryan Couple (2004), and My First Wedding (2006).

What happened to Billy the pathologist in Vera?

Sadly, Paul died in April 2021 from a brain tumour aged just 54. His agent confirmed the tragic news in a statement. It read: “It is with great sadness we can confirm that Paul Ritter passed away last night.5 sep. 2021

Why did Kenny Doughty leave Vera?

In a recent interview, Riley revealed that while he wasn’t sure of the exact reason for David leaving the series, he explained that the practicalities of being an actor can sometimes make things difficult. “I don’t know, it might have been for personal reasons,” he told “These things happen.9 jan. 2022

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