is mark shera married

What nationality is Mark Shera?

Mark Shera (born July 10, 1949, Bayonne, New Jersey) is an American film and television actor.

What season did Mark Shera join Barnaby Jones?

In season five, Mark Shera joined the cast as J.R., the son of Barnaby’s murdered cousin. Unlike Barnaby, he was more interested in being a lawyer than a detective.

Why does Barnaby Jones drink milk?

After this case, his widowed daughter-in-law, Betty Jones (Lee Meriwether), went to work for him at the detective agency. Jones was unusual, ordering milk in restaurants and bars, counter to the stereotypical hard-drinking detective.

What is Barnaby Jones real name?

Buddy EbsenEbsen alongside Lee Meriwether in a publicity photo for Barnaby Jones (1973)BornChristian Ludolf Ebsen Jr.April 2, 1908 Belleville, Illinois, U.S.DiedJuly 6, 2003 (aged 95) Torrance, California, U.S.NationalityAmerican8 more rows

Is Barnaby Jones A spin off of Cannon?

The show was intended as a spin-off from another Quinn Martin production, Cannon (1971). Ultimately, they produced three crossover episodes (guest-starring Cannon’s William Conrad), including the Barnaby Jones pilot, “Requiem for a Son.”

What kind of gun did Barnaby Jones carry?

Buddy Ebsen (1908-2003) as Private Investigator Barnaby Jones with the Smith & Wesson Model 10 in Barnaby Jones.

Was Lee Meriwether married?

Marshall Bordenm. 1986Frank Aletterm. 1958–1974

What happened to Buddy Ebsen in Wizard of Oz?

Buddy Ebsen was originally cast in the role of the Tin Woodman, a.k.a. the Tin Man, but he was essentially poisoned by the makeup, which was made of pure aluminum dust. Nine days after filming started he was hospitalized, sitting under an oxygen tent.

How did Barnaby Jones son died?

Plot Summary (2) Barnaby Jones comes out of retirement to find the man who murdered his son in cold blood. … When they meet Barnaby tells Frank that Hal’s office was his and he trained Hal before he retired. They deduce that Hal was killed after talking to Frank on the phone because he was found near a phone booth.

What insurance company did Barnaby Jones work for?

The Cal Meridian Insurance Company gave Barnaby Jones plenty of business throughout the series.

Who played Jedediah Jones on Barnaby Jones?

Barnaby Jones (TV Series 1973–1980) – Mark Shera as Jedediah Romano “J.R.” Jones – IMDb.

When did Jr Join Barnaby Jones?

In 1976, the character of J.R., the son of Barnaby’s cousin, joined the cast. He had come to try to solve the murder of his father, but stayed around to help Barnaby and Betty, while also attending law school.

Who was the star of the TV show cannon?

William Conrad, who starred in the television series “Jake and the Fatman,” “Cannon” and other shows, died on Friday at the Medical Center of North Hollywood. He was 73.

Is Bonnie Ebsen Buddy Ebsen’s daughter?

Bonnie Ebsen, the daughter of Buddy, pictured, appeared on the series.

Where is Jed Clampett’s hat?

As the original hat and Jed Clampett costume is still owned by the Ebsen estate and unlikely ever to be made available for purchase by the public, this is one of only a handful of such pieces of Ebsen’s personal Hillbillies memorabilia that will ever be made available to collectors. From the Buddy Ebsen Estate.

What was Cannon’s first name?

Cannon is an American detective television series produced by Quinn Martin that aired from 1971 to 1976 on CBS. William Conrad played the title character, private detective Frank Cannon. The series was the first Quinn Martin production to run on a network other than ABC.

Where is Barnaby Jones son?

Barnaby Jones’s son Hal had taken over his father’s detective business and ran it until he was killed during an investigation. Frank Cannon was on the case and managed to convince Buddy Ebsen to come out of retirement to help him find the killer.

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