is mark thompson married

Where is Mark Thompson now?

Thompson and his wife now host The Mark & Lynda Podcast, which focuses primarily on relationship issues.

Was Mark Thompson on Reba?

Reba (TV Series 2001–2007) – Mark Thompson as Brian – IMDb.

Is Mark Thompson still on KFI?

Thompson sits in with Tim Conway Jr on KFIAM640 on Tuesday nights in Los Angeles and has been on KFI since 2013.

What happened to Mark and Brian?

On April 8, 2019, KLOS, Mark Thompson, and Brian Phelps announced they would have a one-off reunion show on April 25, 2019. The show was to celebrate KLOS’ 50th anniversary as well as promote The Mark & Brian Show for the Radio Hall of Fame. The official show was to run from 3–7 pm.

Who is Brian Phelps wife?

Brian debuted the podcast “The Brian and Jill Show” on September 10, 2012 with his new partner, actress Jill Whelan.

How much money did Mark and Brian make?

Brian Phelps was born in Cambridge, Illinois, and Mark Thompson was born in Florence, Alabama. Mark and Brian Salary: In the late 1990s their annual salary was $3 million. A the peak of their show’s popularity Mark & Brian both earned a salary of $6 million per year.

Is Mark Thompson vegan?

Instead of full vegan dishes like most YouTubers do, Thompson has carved a unique space in the area for himself. His videos focus on recreating — primarily — plant-based meat products with industry-grade ingredients and techniques.

Who is Reverend Mark Thompson?

The Rev. Mark A. Thompson has spent most of his life as a political, civil rights & human rights activist and organizer. … Mark, hosts Make It Plain, a political, human rights and non-mainstream news podcast.

Where is Brian Phelps today?

Brian is still an active participant in the creative entertainment industry. Currently, he serves as a co-host with actress Jill Whelan in The Brian And Jill Podcast Show.

Is Mark Thompson from KGO married?

It is not clear if Mark is single or married. He has never mentioned his wife or children anywhere in his interviews or in social media. He has kept his love life away from public. Mark is a regular on the charity and fundraising circuit.

Where is Tim Conway Jr?

Tim Conway, Jr. is the son of the late American television and film comedian Tim Conway, and then wife Mary Ann. Tim Conway, Jr. resides in Burbank, California with his wife.

How do you text Mark Thompson at KGO?

Mark Thompson’s “Hey, which one of you is Mark Thompson?” is a 100% Pinot Grigio. Not too Sweet, not to Dry, it’s just right! email [email protected] or text/call 925-699-4576 to put in your order. Mark Thompson is the host of the Mark Thompson show on KGO radio 810am, Monday – Friday 10am-12pm.

What year did Klos start?

KLOSProgrammingFirst air dateDecember 30, 1947Former call signsKECA-FM (1947–1954) KABC-FM (1954–1971)Former frequencies99.5 MHzCall sign meaningLOS Angeles23 rader till

When did Mark and Brian start?

The Adventures of Mark & BrianDistributorSony Pictures TelevisionReleaseOriginal networkNBCOriginal releaseSeptember 9, 1991 – May 31, 199210 rader till

How long have Bob and Brian been on the air?

Bob and Brian celebrate 21 years on the air in Milwaukee | Local News |

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