is mary reynolds married

Who is Mary Reynolds husband?

On July 28, 1783, when she was 15, Maria Lewis married James Reynolds. Reynolds had served in the Revolutionary War in the commissary department, and was older than Maria by at least several years.

Where in Wexford does Mary Reynolds live?

Mary Reynolds, author of The Garden Awakening, at her parents home near Barntown, Co Wexford. Mary Reynolds, author of The Garden Awakening, at her parents home near Barntown, Co Wexford.21 sep. 2016

Who is Christy Collard?

Christy primarily designs and builds artisan eco-structures and designs and landscapes natural gardens. He is most known for creating the green-built main stages of Body & Soul at the Electric Picnic.

How true is dare be wild?

Dare to Be Wild is the based-on-a-true-story of Mary Reynolds (Emma Greenwell), a young Irishwoman who grows up respecting and nurturing nature. Mary is without formal training, but her unique eye leads her to London and the door of a famed landscaper.24 apr. 2019

Who is Christy Collard married to?

Christy Collard and Robin O’Donovan are parents to six children, but sustainability is still a cornerstone of their busy lives in west Cork. Christy creates eco-structures and stages for festivals, including Body & Soul and a new world music area, called Global Roots, at All Together Now.

Is Mary Reynolds landscape designer married?

Personal life. Reynolds lives as a single parent on a 5-acre property in her hometown Wexford, with her two children. She publicly acknowledges a former relationship with Christy Collard, a green build architect who assisted Reynolds in creating her award-winning Celtic Sanctuary.

Is Dare to Be Wild on Netflix?

Exciting News! Dare to Be Wild is scheduled to be released on Netflix US on April 1st. It is also available right now on Amazon on demand and on DVD.

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