is marysol patton married

Is Marysol from RHOM still married?

Mary and Rich Amons “It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I have decided to end my 26-year marriage. While I have the deepest respect for my husband and wish him the very best, we have grown apart,” she said in a statement to Page Six two years after RHODC aired season 1.

Are Adriana and Frederic still married?

She was on the original seasons and was well known for her feisty nature with her castmates. The show also followed her love life with fiancé, Frederic Marq, who she ended up marrying in front of the cameras. Unfortunately, the two have now divorced. As reported by Yahoo, the two called it quits after 11 years.

Is Marysol Patton still married to Philippe?

The former reality star realized she was too dedicated to her career. “We were in two different places, we still love each other, we’re like family,” she concluded. Since they ended their marriage in 2012, Marysol and Philippe seem to have moved on in life.

Who is Marysol Patton husband?

Steve McNamaram. 2021Philippe Pautesta Herderm. 2010–2012

Who is Hermans lover?

Alexia Echevarria has been a cast member on The Real Housewives of Miami since season 1.

Is Leah Black still married?

Lea and her husband, Roy Black, are no longer based in Miami full-time. The spouses are, instead, spending several months of the year in the Los Angeles area, which means that filming Season 4 would have been a difficult feat.

What does Romain Zago do for a living?

BusinesspersonTV Personality

Are Alexia and Herman still together?

Alexia explained during the first episode of RHOM that she and Herman divorced and he died a year later in 2016. “I was never close to Alexia,” she said about her time on the first three RHOM seasons.

Why isn’t Marysol a housewife?

“Essentially, what I got is that we were too many housewives last year,” Marysol explained. “I think that was a decision that Bravo thought was best for our franchise was to have less housewives so that there was more quality and the audience could get more involved with the ladies and their stories.

Is Alexia from RHOM still married?

The mom of two wed her third husband, Todd Nepola, at the end of 2021. After about two years of dating, Alexia got engaged to Current Capital Group founder Todd Nepola in December of 2019. On Season 4 of RHOM, Alexia has gushed about her fiancé, and how she has never been happier. … The pair finally tied the knot on Dec.

Why was RHOM Cancelled?

In a video on his Instagram Stories in 2020, an executive producer of the Real Housewives franchise, revealed that Bravo cancelled The Real Housewives of Miami after season three due to low ratings. “It looks like a well-lit telenovela. The women are so beautiful.

What does Marysol Patton do for a living?

TV PersonalityPublicist

Where is Romain Zago now?

Romain is still the owner of Mynt Lounge, which was featured on RHOM season 2. His business has since branched off into a restaurant called Myn-Tu.

Is Lisa Hochstein still friends with Lea Black?

On where she stands with former co-stars Lea Black and Joanna Krupa: “I am in contact with Lea. She’s still a dear friend.

What did Adriana do to Lea?

Adriana accused Lea of attacking her for a storyline and the friendship was over. When the fourth season was cast, all these years later, Lea wasn’t a part of it. And while it wasn’t a surprise to her former castmates, fans were wondering what happened.

Is Romain Zago still married to Carolina Delgado?

Zago is reportedly divorcing his wife of a little over a year, fitness model Carolina Delgado. They got hitched Feb. 23, 2020, right before the pandemic hit. A bit of a summary of this past week end at @mynt.

Who owns Mynt nightclub?

NBC 6 anchor Sheli Muñiz spoke to Romain Zago, owner and managing partner of South Beach’s Mynt Lounge, about how the pandemic has impacted his business. SHELI: Describe the past 5 months since you last opened the doors of the nightclub.

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