is matpat married

Does MatPat have a kid?

Oliver Patrick is the son of MatPat and Stephanie. Near the end of the March 13, 2018 live stream, it was revealed that the baby was due to be born on July 4, 2018, however, he was born five days later. Stephanie’s pregnancy was revealed on March 12, 2018 around six months after BabyPat’s conception.

Is MatPat’s wife Italian?

Aside from her behind-the-scenes work, Stephanie is equally active on GTLive….Stephanie PatrickResidenceWestlake Village, Los Angeles, CaliforniaNationalityAmerican (Italian descent)OccupationDirector Digital strategy consultant10 weitere Zeilen

Who is the other Matt in GTLive?

As of 2019, there have been more than 500 GTLive streams….GTLiveHost(s)Matthew Patrick Stephanie Patrick (former)IntroScience BlasterRunAugust 26, 2015 – PresentEpisodes500+6 weitere Zeilen

What is MatPat IQ?

Personality. According to its own statement, MatPat has an IQ of 140 and is therefore highly intelligent.

Are Matt and Stephanie dating?

Personal life. Matthew is married to Stephanie Patrick (née Cordato), whom he met while studying at Duke University. The two became close after creating a Legend of Zelda parody called The Epic of Stew. They were married on May 19, 2012.

What college did MatPat go to?

Duke UniversityMedina High School

Are MatPat and Rosanna Pansino related?

Rosanna and Matpat are not a couple. The two are just very good friends. Some people even believe they could pass off as siblings. Rosanna even shared on Twitter onetime that, when she first met Mat, ” he Instantly felt like family.”

What happened to Chris from GTLive?

Chris eventually moved to Los Angeles, California, and was invited to work at Theorist Media and substituted for Jason as producer while the latter was away at his wedding, after which he became a regular member of the GTLive crew as the production assistant.

Why did MatPat meet the Pope?

The Game Theorists’ Matthew Patrick was among ten YouTube creators and channels to meet with Pope Francis over the weekend to discuss how they can use their influence to promote diversity and world peace to a global audience. The meeting took place on Sunday in Vatican City at the 6th Scholas World Congress.30.05.2016

Does Jason still work for MatPat?

He currently lives in Los Angeles, California. Jason was an associate producer of DEFY Media from 2013 until joining The Game Theorists family in 2015. In 2015, he became the main camera operator and editor of GTLive until September of that same year, in which he became Head of Production.

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