is matt barnes married

Who is Matt Barnes new wife?

Who Is Matt Barnes’ New Wife? Matt Barnes is presently not married and does not have a new wife. However, Matt Barnes is currently dating model Anansa Sims. The couple welcomed a son, named Ashton Barnes, in December 2018.

Are Matt and Gloria still together?

Matt Barnes’ Ex and Former Teammate – Gloria Govan and Derek Fisher – Finally Tie the Knot. Gloria Govan is a basketball wife… again. After splitting from Matt Barnes in 2015, Govan found love in Barnes’ former teammate Derek Fisher.

How many children does Matt Barnes girlfriend have?

Ashton is Anansa Sims and Matt Barnes’ only child together. Anansa has four kids in all, and Matt fathers three children.

What is Matt Barnes net worth?

Barnes’ confidence is admirable and he does have his hands in some interesting projects, including Active Dreamers — a bedding company that specializes in NBA-branded pillows and bed sets — and a production company working in film. With that being said, Barnes’ net worth as of 2017 is about $10 million.

Who is Matt Barnes Babymama?

But Matt’s babys mother Gloria Govan didn’t like the idea of including her two sons in anything with Anasa.

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