is maya harris married

Who is Meena Harris married to?

Meena HarrisEducationStanford University (BA) Harvard University (JD)Political partyDemocraticSpouse(s)Nikolas AjaguChildren2Altre 4 righe

Who was Maya Harris first husband?

Maya HarrisPolitical partyDemocraticSpouse(s)Tony West ​ ( m. 1998)​ChildrenMeena HarrisParentsDonald J. Harris (father) Shyamala Gopalan (mother)Altre 4 righe

Who is Meenakshi Harris father?

She introduced her mom, Maya Harris, to her father, Tony West. On her first day of classes at Stanford Law School, Maya’s then four-year-old daughter Meena introduced her mom to fellow law student Tony West after engaging him in a game of hide-and-seek on the campus’s Arthur E. Cooley Courtyard.

What nationality is Nikolas Ajagu?

What is Nikolas Ajagu’s nationality? He is of American nationality.5 nov 2021

Who is Uber’s general counsel?

Derek Anthony West (born August 12, 1965) is an American attorney and former government official, and the current chief legal officer of Uber. Before Uber, West was Associate Attorney General of the United States and general counsel of PepsiCo.

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