is mc magic married

How long has MC Magic been married?

MC Magic – For 25 Years I have been married to my best…

Why did Nasty Boy Klick change their name?

At the same time Dos and Magic formed the Nasty Boy Ridaz, or NB Ridaz for short. Changing the name from NastyBoyKlick to NB Ridaz due to contractual restrictions with the old name, Magic’s son Mischief and nephew D-Dog were added to the group.

Is MC Magic Chicano?

Marco Cardenas, better known by his stage name MC Magic, is a Hispanic rapper, songwriter and record producer known for singing and rapping, both in English and Spanish. … At the age of five, his family immigrated to the United States and Cardenas grew up in Phoenix, Arizona.

Who signed to Nasty Boy Records?

CreditsAlbumArtistWelcome to ArizonaMC MagicTwo ChicanasJay RoxxxTonightMC MagicTodos Mis DiazMC Magic21 more rows

How rich is Mr Capone E?

Capone-E is an American rapper and record label owner who has a net worth of $10 million. Mr. Capone-E was born in West Covina, California in April 1976 (it’s also been reported that he was born in Pakistan)….Mr. Capone-E Net Worth.Net Worth:$10 MillionNationality:United States of America3 more rows

Who is in NB ridaz?

MC MagicVocalsZig ZagDos

When did MC Magic start music?

MC Magic was born Marcus Cardenas in Nogales, Mexico, but was raised in Phoenix, AZ. In 1990, he established Nastyboy Records to showcase his productions and talent. He released his first full-length album, Don’t Worry, in 1995, which enabled him to recruit other artists to form the Nastyboy Klick.

Does MC Magic live in Arizona?

Now he’s a internationally-known artist. PHOENIX – As a young boy in Nogales, Marco Cardenas, also known as MC Magic, was your typical boy. Around the fifth grade his parents split, and he and his family moved to an apartment in Tucson.

How do I contact MC Magic?

ContactPO BOX 2213.Email: [email protected]: 818-613-6749.

How much does MC Magic cost?

MC Magic concert tickets range from $136.00 – $827.00. You don’t have to miss another show on the MC Magic concert schedule. Our easy-to-navigate site offers a plethora of tour dates and you can easily find tickets at many pricing levels.

Was Louis Capone related to Al Capone?

Murder, Inc. Louis Capone (September 5, 1896 – March 4, 1944) was a New York organized crime figure who became a supervisor for Murder, Inc. Louis Capone was not related to Al Capone, the boss of the Chicago Outfit.

What’s Mr Capone E real name?

West Covina, California, U.S. Fahd Azam (born April 27, 1976), known professionally as Mr. Capone-E, is a Pakistani-American rapper and record executive. He is the owner of Hi-Power Entertainment.

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