is meredith laurence married

Where does Meredith Lawrence live?

Meredith Laurence, otherwise known as the Blue Jean Chef, is a bestselling author and chef committed to helping all home cooks feel more confident and comfortable in the kitchen with her casual and unpretentious cooking style. Originally from Canada, Meredith currently lives in Philadelphia.

Did Meredith leave QVC?

She didn’t leave QVC. She is still on different shows.

Is Meredith Laurence coming back to QVC?

The Blue Jean Chef, Meredith Laurence, is back on QVC this Wednesday with a show from 8-9 ET.

Where does Blue Jean chef live?

I moved back to San Francisco and did just that – managed and taught at two HomeChef® cooking schools for home cooks.

Are blue jean chefs Canadian?

It’s French Canadian in origin, but tourtières are eaten all across Canada, in the northern states bordering Canada, and frankly probably all over the world since good meals know no borders and have a tendency to travel far. Jump to Recipe (or scroll for photos and riveting information…)

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