is michael baisden married

What is Michael Baisden doing now?

Michael Baisden is leaving radio at the end of the year and will discontinue syndication of his daily show. He will be replaced by “The Jeff Foxx Show with Keke Brown and Nina” on the Sun Broadcast Group’s network lineup and is available now for affiliations through Blue Tag Media.

What city does Michael Baisden live in?

Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

What radio station Michael Baisden is on?

He returned to radio in 2017 with far less affiliates but signed to host with much fanfare on Miami’s Hot 105.3, Kiss 104.1 in Atlanta and 96.3 WHUR in Washington, D.C. The runs on those stations didn’t last a year.

Why did the Michael Baisden show get Cancelled?

Due to contract disputes between Michael Baisden and his nationally syndicated distribution company, “The Michael Baisden Show” will no longer be heard on Jammin’ 98.3 or any other radio station across the country. Friday, March 29 is the last day of broadcast.

Was the Michael Baisden Show Cancelled?

Michael Baisden announced that he is leaving radio at the end of the year and will discontinue the syndication of his daily show.

When was Michael Baisden born?

Michael Baisden is a nationally-renowned radio personality, author, and host of his own show, “The Michael Baisden Show”. Born June 26, 1963, the Chicago native has achieved many milestones with over 2 million books in print, producing three films, and hosting two shows.

Does Michael Baisden have a podcast?

Welcome to the Michael Baisden Show Podcast ! ! ! ! Renowned radio personality Michael Baisden is undeniably one of the most influential and engaging personalities in radio history. Now you can tune-in and hear the latest from Baisden himself on his Podcast Show.

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