is michael t weiss married

What happened to Michael Weiss?

Weiss died at the age of 32 on October 2, 1999. Weiss’ memorial service was held at The United States Court of Appeals Fifth Circuit Ceremonial Courtroom. The official cause of his death is from a drug overdose.

Who played Holcomb on Burn Notice?

“Burn Notice” Army of One (TV Episode 2011) – Michael T. Weiss as Holcomb – IMDb.

How did the series The Pretender end?

The series finale closed with both characters being nearby an exploding bomb. The ending did not reveal whether Jarod and/or Miss Parker survived the blast. The next year, the telemovie The Pretender 2001 picked up directly from this cliffhanger, leading into Jarod’s next adventure.

Who played Malevsky blue bloods?

Michael Terry Weiss is an American actor who played Sonny Malevsky on Blue Bloods. Weiss is best known for playing Jarod on the formerly NBC television series The Pretender (TV series).

How many seasons was The Pretender on?

The following is a list of episodes for the NBC television series The Pretender. The series ran for four seasons from 1996 through 2000, with 86 episodes produced, plus two television film sequels that aired on TNT in 2001.

Who played Jared in the pretender?

Michael T. WeissBornMichael Terry Weiss February 2, 1962 Chicago, Illinois, U.S.OccupationActorYears active1980–present

Did Jared ever find his parents?

Jarod has no real relationship with his parents throughout the series as he spends most of his time trying to find them. … Jarod also has a clone nicknamed after the project that created him, Gemini, whom he rescues from The Centre.

Does Jared ever find his parents?

I was extremely disappointed that the series was canceled and the main character Jarod was never reunited with his mother and only briefly reunited with his brother, father, and sister. His brother and was murdered right before his eyes. He kept getting separated from his father, and he only briefly met his sister.

Are Jared and Miss Parker related?

Jarod and Miss Parker’s half-brother. Ethan’s birth parents are Catherine Parker and Major Charles.

Who played Mike on Days of Our Lives?

Michael “Mike” William Horton II is a character from the soap opera Days of Our Lives, portrayed most recently by Roark Critchlow from 1994-99, and again in 2010. Mike was named after Mickey Horton, who was thought to be his father, and Bill Horton, his father. Mickey and Bill were brothers.

What episode does Frank Reagan find out who killed his son?

We learn the truth about Joe’s death in Episode 22, “The Blue Templar,” after Frank’s youngest son’s life was threatened by the same organization. Joe’s murderer, Sonny Malevsky (Michael T.

Did Joe Reagan ever appear on Blue Bloods?

At the end of Blue Bloods Season 10, we met a surprise member of the Reagans: Joe Hill (Will Hochman), the son of the late Joe Reagan. Surprise, Frank (Tom Selleck), you have another grandson! Since then, Joe has pretty much been a very lightly recurring presence in the family.

Did Baker on Blue Bloods have a baby?

Relationships. Baker is married to Brian Baker and has two children with him.

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