is namjoon married

Does Namjoon have a wife?

He’s NOT married. He’s in a relationship. In Korea if you’re in an exclusive relationship you wear a couples ring. It’s worn to let everyone know he’s taken.

Who in BTS is married?

But according to the members of the BTS band, the blurred truth is that they all are single and unmarried. They all have a few link-ups but are not married. The boy band enjoys a huge female fan base all over the world as mentioned above, one such super fan got married to one of the cardboard of BTS’ Jimin.

Is Namjoon in a relationship?

As reported by Soompi, a video claimed that the BTS leader was dating a woman of his same age. The channel also claimed that he has been in a relationship with her since 2019. Big Hit on Friday issued a statement clarifying the claims. “The dating rumours involving RM are not true,” the agency said.

Does RM have a baby?

No, Kim Namjoon (김 남준) of BTS does not have a child. After seeing Namjoon bought a pair of baby shoes, fans joked around saying he probably has a secret child.

Who is RM crush?

Who is RM’s celebrity crush? Thanks to one interview with E! News fans learned which celebrity is RM’s crush. He said it was Blake Lively, the actor best known for her appearance in the series Gossip Girl. (Unfortunately for RM, she is already married to Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds.

Who is RM best friend in BTS?

RM and Jackson are best friends and it is amazing to see their friendship blossom into a rock-solid friendship for life. Jackson coined the term, Rapson, combining their stage names.

Is Namjoon married to Jin?

140 Namjoon and Jin are married.

Who is Jimin wife?

Who is Jimin’s wife? BTS’ Jimin is single and unmarried till now. There have been a few link ups but he not married to anyone.

Who has a child in BTS?

BTS’ Jimin gets excited about being a dad and having a baby. The dancer of the band proved that he would be a good father to his children.

Is BTS Jin married?

BTS singer Jin, on his birthday, hosted a Vlive in which he clarified he wasn’t married and spoke about his new song Blue Tuna. BTS singer Jin hosted a Vlive on his birthday.

Who is wife J Hope?

J-hope’s Wife (ghenachehimi) – Profile | Pinterest.

Who is J-Hope crush in BTS?

In the same interview, J-Hope said that his celebrity crush is the ‘Mean Girl’ fame Amanda Seyfried. BTS’ V also piqued that his celebrity crush is the ‘Notebook’ star Rachel McAdams as well as ‘Emily In Paris’ star Lilly Collins.

Who is V crush in BTS?

It is no secret that BTS ‘ V has a massive crush on actress Lily Collins . For the unversed, V revealed in 2018 that Lily was his favourite Hollywood actress and celebrity crush in two separate interviews for Access Hollywood and E! News.

Who is the crush of BTS?

When BTS member V aka Kim Taehyung REVEALED his celebrity crush was Emily in Paris star Lily Collins. One of BTS member V’s all-time favourite movies is the Lily Collins starrer Love, Rosie.

Who is Jimins bestfriend?

While Jimin may not necessarily have a singular best friend, he certainly has many people around him that he considers his good buddies. Within BTS, it’s no secret between the members themselves and ARMY (fans of BTS) that Jimin is very close to BTS V (real name Kim Taehyung).

Who are besties in BTS?

Best BTS friends: V and Jimin BTS’ Taehyung and Jimin are considered two of the closest friend in the BTS band. Taehyung (V) often considers Jimin as his best friend off-camera as well. Even during the Bon Voyage Season 2, Episode 8, which was shot in Hawaii, V wrote a letter to Jimin calling him as his best friend.

What is the relationship between RM and Jin?

Jin is a vocalist and a visual of the group, but RM is a rapper and a leader. RM has a younger sister, however, Jin has an older brother. Jin is from Gwangsan Kim clan (alongside V), but RM is from Gangneung Kim clan.

Who is Suga GF?

However, neither have a girlfriend and Suga reveals why she can’t. The rapper is one of the oldest in the group, he is currently 28 years old, (29 in Korean age and in 2022 he will turn 30). Although the idols have confessed their wishes to get married, they are currently focused on their music career.

Is today RM birthday?

RM’s birthday, which falls on September 12, is being celebrated by ARMYs worldwide with hashtags like ‘#HappyRMDay’, ‘#HAPPYBIRTHDAYBESTLEADER’, ‘#HappyNamjoonDay’, and ‘#RMBirthday’ to commemorate their favourite K-pop leader’s birth.

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