is ne yo married

Is Ne-Yo still married?

Ne-Yo’s marriage to Crystal Smith might have been a wrap if it weren’t for the pandemic. In February 2020, the “Let Me Love You” singer filed for divorce from the former reality TV star after four years of marriage, and welcoming two children — sons Shaffer and Roman. … “The pandemic saved my marriage,” he said.

Is Ne-Yo and his wife together?

Ne-Yo ‘Overjoyed to Announce’ Baby No. … The two are also parents to Roman Alexander-Raj Smith and Shaffer Chimere Smith, Jr. The singer-songwriter also has two kids — Mason Evan Smith and Madilyn Grace Smith — with Monyetta Shaw. He and Crystal have been married since 2016.

Who is Neyos wife?

In September 2015, the singer announced that he and Crystal Renay Williams were engaged and expecting a child. They were married on February 20, 2016.

What is Ne-Yo real name?

aka: Shaffer Chimere Smith Jr. Ne-Yo is one of the most prominent and active Arkansas-born recording artists and songwriters performing in the early twenty-first century. Initially known for songs he wrote for other artists, Ne-Yo began releasing solo rhythm and blues (R&B) albums of his own in 2006.

Why did Crystal and Ne-Yo break up?

Speaking to Tamron, Crystal reflected on the moment she learned about her divorced from the news. “We weren’t really talking at the time,” she says. “I chose to leave the relationship because of issues, and at the time I felt like he was trying to get back at me or hurt me.”Nov 23, 2020

Why did Ne-Yo get a divorce?

In February 2020, Ne-Yo announced that he and Smith were heading for divorce. … Ne-Yo told Private Talk podcast that the decision to split was due to the two needing to work on their individual issues separately. “She’s got demons just like everybody else, just like me,” he said.

Does Ne-Yo have a kid?

Roman Alexander-Raj SmithMason Evan SmithMadilyn Grace SmithShaffer Chimere Smith, Jr.

Is Ne-Yo wife in his new video?

The video was uploaded on August 8, 2020, directed by Chad Tennies and Caleb Seales. Ne-Yo and his wife, Crystal Renay, as they take to the floor of a closed roller skating rink – with a cameo from comedian Jess Hilarious – while Jeremih and his bae enjoy a cozy night at home.

Where does Ne-Yo currently live?

Atlanta, Georgia – Music producer and top recording artist, Ne-Yo and his fiancé, who are expecting their second child, are the newest residents of a prominent Alpharetta Golf Community.

What ethnicity is Kelis?

Her father Kenneth was an African-American jazz musician and Pentecostal minister and was formerly a professor at Wesleyan University. Her mother Eveliss is a Chinese-Puerto Rican fashion designer who inspired Kelis to pursue her singing career.

Who won Ne-Yo vs Johnta?

Once it was over, Ne-Yo said they “both won.” Some fans, however, think Austin took the win. What’s certain is that the Ne-Yo vs Johntá Austin battle was legendary, as over 77,000 fans tuned in. Watch the battle below, then keep scrolling for some of the best reactions.

What did Ne-Yo do to his first wife?

A tweet went viral about Ne-Yo allegedly “forcing” his ex-fiancé, Monyetta Shaw, to get her tubes tied, so they wouldn’t have any more children. The “Because Of You” singer and Monyetta have a two kids. After their relationship ended, Ne-Yo moved on with Crystal and they currently have two children.

Was Monyetta Shaw married to Ne-Yo?

Ne-Yo broke things off with Monyetta Shaw after saying he wasn’t ready for monogamy – then he married Crystal Renay. Ne-Yo and Shaw were together for several years, almost from the start of his solo career taking off. Throughout the course of their relationship, they became engaged, lived together, and had two children …

Is Ne-Yo Wife Pregnant?

Ne-Yo And His Wife Crystal Smith Announce They Are Expecting A Baby Girl. The singer-songwriter shared the news! … Back in February, Ne-Yo took to Instagram to announce he and his wife Crystal Smith we’re expecting their third baby together.

How much is Ne-Yo 2020?

As of 2020, Ne-Yo has a reported net worth of $16million.

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