is oskar eriksson married

How old is Nic Edin?

Niklas EdinBorn6 July 1985 Örnsköldsvik, SwedenTeamCurling clubKarlstads CK, Karlstad, SWESkipNiklas Edin14 more rows

Does Anna hasselborg have a baby?

Hasselborg is married to Mathias Hasselborg (né Eriksson), and has one daughter.

Do professional curlers make money?

Prize Money in Curling Prize amounts vary per bonspiel or nationally/internationally competitive proceeding. At the 2018 Brier (Canadian national tournament), the winning team took home $62,000. Pinty’s Grand Slam of Curling usually gives away about $2 million of prize money over 7 events.

Where is the hasselborg curling team from?

Team HasselborgSkipThirdLeadAnna HasselborgSara McManusSofia MabergsBirthdate: May 5, 1989 Birthplace: Stockholm, SWE Resides: Stockholm, SWEBirthdate: Dec. 13, 1991 Birthplace: Gothenburg, SWE Resides: Gävle, SWEBirthdate: April 9, 1993 Birthplace: Malung, SWE Resides: Härnösand, SWE4 more rows

What does Jennifer Jones do for a living?

When did Kevin Martin retire from curling?

On April 18, 2014, amidst rumours of his front end, Marc Kennedy and Ben Hebert, joining provincial rival Kevin Koe in the next season, Martin announced his retirement from curling following the conclusion of the 2014 Players’ Championship.

What is Rachel Homans job?

CurlerPersonal trainer

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