is parker mccollum married

Who is Parker McCollum engaged to?

There was just one problem. “She wasn’t there,” the ACM nominee for new male artist of the year tells PEOPLE, referring to now-fiancée Hallie Ray Light.

Is Parker McCollum in a relationship?

Parker McCollum is officially off the market! The “Pretty Heart” star announced on social media this week that he’s engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Hallie Ray Light. … Parker’s new fiancée has often been a source of musical inspiration to him; his 2020 Hollywood Gold EP features a track titled “Hallie Ray Light.

When did Parker McCollum get married?

He’s one-half of the rising country duo Southerland, and she’s a biotech entrepreneur; as a couple, they’d been dating for six years, after meeting at a mutual friend’s birthday party, before getting married on May 29. People reports that the ceremony took place at Front Porch Farms in Charlotte, Tenn.

How old is Hallie?

Likewise, Hallie is 24 years old as she was born in the year 1997 and used to celebrate her birthday on February 26 every year. She was born to her parents in the United States.

Is Parker of Gold Rush married?

Is Parker Schnabel Married? Wikipedia Details. Tv star Parker Schnabel was born on July 22, 1994, to parents Roger and Nancy Schnabel. As of 2021, Parker is 27 years old and single.

Does Parker McCollum still have a girlfriend?

On top of opening up for Dierks Bentley on his 2021 Beers On Me Tour, Parker McCollum will have wedding planning keeping him busy over the next few months. The “To Be Loved By You” artist who announced his engagement to girlfriend Hallie Rae Light on Instagram on July 1 shares details of the proposal. “…Jul 13, 2021

Who is the girl in the Pretty Heart video?

Millie Lewis Charleston Look who is starring in this Music Video with Parker McCollum “Pretty Heart” Our Sweetheart Amanda Lougee!

What is Parker McCollum’s middle name?

Parker Yancey McCollum (born June 15, 1992) is an American Americana and country singer-songwriter based in Austin, Texas. The owner of PYM Music, he released his first single and EP in 2013, and his full-length debut album The Limestone Kid was released on February 24, 2015.

Who is Parker Mccollums dad?

Parker McCollum Parents McCollum was born to his parents named Anderson McCollum (Father) and Ivy McCollum (Mother).

Where did Hallie Ray go to college?

Instead, Light said she’s going to try to join the pom squad at the Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, just like her mother. She plans to work in the medical field after graduating OSU, possibly as a pediatric nurse.

Who is Hallie ray light dating?

Parker McCollum is engaged to his girlfriend Hallie Ray Light.

Is Parker and Tyler dating?

Parker Schnabel and Tyler Mahoney are apparently not together, at least for now. … However, as fans on Reddit have observed, Parker ended up buying a claim in Australia at the end of “Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail,” giving him an international mining operation and another reason to return to the country.

Is Parker still married?

Parker and Broderick have been married since 1997. Reflecting on their bond, Parker said that one of the secrets to their enduring relationship is time apart. “I know this sounds nuts, but we have lives that allow us to be away and come back together,” Parker said in 2016 on Sophia Amoruso’s Girlboss Radio podcast.

How much is Parker worth?

Parker Schnabel is a well-known television star who is best known for his work in Discovery Channel’s ‘Gold Rush’ reality series. He has also worked for ‘Big Nugget Mine’ which is a family mining company. As of 2022, Parker Schnabel’s net worth is estimated to be $8 million….Net Worth:$8 MillionLast Updated:20214 more rows•Feb 1, 2022

How old is Dierks?

Dierks Bentley’s Age – Dierks is 45 years old and was born November 20, 1975. Cassidy Black Bentley’s Age – Cassidy Bentley is 45 years old and was born September 6, 1975.

What is Kidd g age?

A 17-year-old from a small Georgia town built an audience as a rapper on TikTok and SoundCloud before pivoting to country music and inching his way into a notoriously cloistered industry.

Is Danielle bradbery single?

On June 2, 2017, Bradbery released a single entitled “Sway”. The song was the lead single from her second album, I Don’t Believe We’ve Met, which was released on December 1, 2017. From that album, “Worth It,” was a second single….Danielle BradberyWebsitewww.daniellebradbery.com10 more rows

Where was Pretty Heart filmed?

MCA Nashville’s hot newcomer Parker McCollum recently released the music video for his nostalgic tune “Pretty Heart,” watch HERE. The cinematic video was shot by Carlos Ruiz in New York City and features Parker reminiscing about a past love interest and the consequential breakup.

When did Parker McCollum graduate high school?

That May, he and his fellow classmates of The Woodlands College Park High School’s Class of 2011 walked across the Pavilion stage to get their diplomas. Soon after graduation, McCollum headed to Austin to cut his teeth in its live music scene and find his sound as an independent country artist.

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