is peter hammarstedt married

Where is Peter hammarstedt now?

Today he is the Director of Campaigns for Sea Shepherd Global, heading Sea Shepherd’s IUU Taskforce for Africa. Read his full bio here.

What happened to the whale wars guy?

He is living in Vermont, writing books. He was residing in Paris as of July 1, 2014 but has since returned to the USA. In March 2019, Costa Rica dropped all charges against Watson and has removed the Interpol red notice.

What is Pete Bethune doing now?

He is the founder of Earthrace Conservation. He works assisting countries in Asia, Central America and Africa with fisheries enforcement and anti-poaching. … In 2012, Bethune started Earthrace Conservation, which works on conservation and environmental campaigns.

Where is the Ocean Warrior now?

The Ocean Warrior is now in Galapagos tracking down the Chinese Fishing Fleet who are targeting squid and shark.

Is The Sea Shepherd still in operation?

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – June 19, 2021 – After 11 years of protecting marine wildlife across the globe, Sea Shepherd is retiring the motor vessel Brigitte Bardot from operations. The 109-foot twin-engine trimaran has been sold to a private individual and is no longer part of the international Sea Shepherd fleet.

Did Paul Watson get shot?

According to a report recently published on, Paul Watson, captain of the anti-whaling boat, Steve Irwin, was shot in the chest today while confronting the Japanese whaling vessel, Nisshin Maru, within the waters of the Australian Territorial Zone near Antarctica.

Did Pete Bethune go to jail?

Peter Bethune, who was a member of Sea Shepherd, a marine conservation group, was given two years in prison, suspended for five years, amid tight security at the Tokyo district court. He was also found guilty of trespassing, vandalism and possession of a knife.

Is Pete Bethune still with Sea Shepherd?

Anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd says it has cut ties with one of its most prominent members for violating its rules against carrying weapons. New Zealander Pete Bethune is on trial in Japan charged with illegally boarding a Japanese whaler.

Who paid for the Ady Gil?

The Ady Gil was owned by Ady Gil and skippered by Peter Bethune. Ady Gil bought the vessel from Bethune and hired him to be the skipper of the vessel. Pete Bethune selected his own crew. They were not Sea Shepherd crew except for one Sea Shepherd member on board as a liaison.16 jan. 2013

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