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Does Peter Rollins believe in God?

He defines atheism, not in terms of some rejection of a belief in God.28.05.2018

What does Peter Rollins believe?

He replaces “right belief” with “believing in the right way,” which means “believing in a loving, sacrificial and Christlike manner.” He suggests that, while our Christian beliefs never describe “the Real or reality,” somehow, they transform us into lovers who follow the way of Jesus by embracing others.29.11.2008

What is Pyrotheology?

In these books Rollins develops a “religionless” interpretation of Christianity called pyrotheology, an interpretation that views faith as a particular way of engaging with the world rather than a set of beliefs about the world.

How do I not speak to God?

The key idea of How (Not) to Speak of God is that many Christians in the “Emergent Church” movement embrace paradox. The first few chapters unpack the implicit idea in the title: that the moment we speak of God, we deny who God is. All attempts to define or describe the Christian God are doomed.

How does Tillich define faith?

Tillich states “Faith as ultimate concern is an act of the total personality. It happens in the center of the personal life and includes all its elements ” (Tillich, 4). Therefore to Tillich, faith is something integrative to the life of the person.

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