is remi warren married

What does Remi Warren do for a living?

Remi Warren has been hunting his entire life and is passionate about sharing his knowledge and adventures with others. When not guiding or filming, Remi works as a field editor for Western Hunter Magazine, co-hosts Solo Hunter TV, and is the host of the Cutting the Distance podcast.

How do I contact Remi Warren?

Contact UsRemi Warren Expeditions.18124 Wedge Pkwy. Box 228 Reno, NV 89511.(406) 369-0067.

Where did Remi Warren grow up?

Warren said he grew up hunting in Nevada with his family. During college he would spend part of the year in Montana as an elk hunting guide.

Does Remi Warren have a show?

Host Remi Warren does not only go into the wild to be with nature–he becomes it. APEX PREDATOR is a new kind of hunting show, one that blends the excitement of hunting with a chance to learn about nature’s hunters that came before us. Host Remi Warren does not only go into the wild to be with nature–he becomes it.

How much does it cost to hunt with Remi Warren?

Price is $300/day for 5 days. If hunter only wants guided only hunt with no meals or lodging. Hunt price displayed is for public land, but option to pay for access on private land. This hunting package includes 5 days of expert guide service and field transportation.

What rifle caliber does Remi Warren use?

The three guns and calibers were chosen specifically for the hunts with the first kicking off in Australia for buffalo. The Sako 85 Brown Bear in . 375 H&H was Remi’s choice for this exciting hunt for large dangerous game. “Hunting dangerous game requires a firearm that is dependable and accurate,” said Warren.

What kind of boots does Remi Warren wear?

Remi Warren once again blows us away with his blog post: A Season by the Numbers. 465,000 vertical feet in one season wearing our Schnee’s Granite boots.

Is Remi Warren leaving MeatEater?

Just saw today that Remi will no longer be hosting Cutting The Distance, which is in my opinion the most useful tactics and education based podcast for the western hunter. The show will be hosted, after the new year by Jason Phelps, which could be good.

How much money does Steve Rinella make?

MeatEater host Steven Rinella’s net worth is estimated at $4 million in 2021.

Where can I watch apex predator Remi Warren?

Tune in to Apex Predator at 8pm ET on The Sportsman Channel each Thursday or pre-order all episodes via!As Remi Warren and the Apex Pr…

Who is Steven Rinella’s brother?

Matthew RinellaDaniel Rinella

What channel is solo hunter on?

SOLO Hunter – Outdoor Channel.

Where can you hunt mule deer in Montana?

Montana Mule Deer Draw The Bitterroot Valley has long been known as the best place to take a trophy buck, and it is no secret as the draw odds have been horrible for units 261, 262, and 270. Units 261 and 270 have plenty of public land and are quality units.

What does Jim Shockey hunt with?

Jim is the first and only hunter to use a muzzleloader to achieve the World Hunting Award Ring and qualified under the same criteria that rifle hunters use.

What gun does Remi Warren shoot?

Join the hunter adventurer Remi Warren when he gets his hands on the Sako S20 for the first time.

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