is rena sofer married

Is Rena Sofer still married?

Rena Sofer divorced and reunited with Sanford Bookstaver In 2017, Sofer and Bookstaver decided to divorce after almost 14 years of marriage. They remained on good terms in order to co-parent their daughter. However, to the surprise of fans everywhere, the couple eventually reunited in 2019.

Who is Rena Sofer husband in real life?

Sanford Bookstaverm. 2003–2017Wally Kurthm. 1995–1997

Does Rena Sofer have a daughter?

Rosabel Rosalind KurthAvalon Leone Bookstaver

Is Rena Sofer single?

Sofer lives in Los Angeles with her fiancé, Sanford Bookstaver, her daughters and their beloved rescued dogs.

How old is Rena Sofer in real life?

That’s because she was born on December 2, 1968, in Arcadia, California, which means that this talented performer is turning 53 years old today! Discovered at the age of 15 by a talent agent, Sofer quickly landed her first on-camera role — Joyce Abernathy on the NBC daytime soap opera Another World.

Who is Quinn Forrester?

Quinn Forrester (née Fuller, previously Sharpe) is a character on The Bold and the Beautiful, portrayed by Rena Sofer since 2013.

Will Eric divorce Quinn on Bold and Beautiful?

Eric cut Quinn out of his life, but then later surprised her by tearing up the divorce papers and explaining that the reason he had been so distant from her is that he was experiencing erectile dysfunction and couldn’t make love to her.

How old is Brooke on Bold and Beautiful?

Katherine Kelly LangAge60OccupationActressSoap Character ProfileCharacterBrooke Logan9 more rows

How old is Donna on Bold and Beautiful?

Jennifer Gareis Age and Birthday Gareis will be 50 years old on Aug 1st, 2020.

Is Rena Sofer in friends?

As Emma’s impending birth approached in season eight, it provided Daytime Emmy-winning soap opera favorite Rena Sofer (General Hospital, The Bold and the Beautiful) with the chance to join the Friends of Friends. …

Is Stephanie on The Bold and the Beautiful still alive?

Flannery became best known worldwide for portraying Stephanie Douglas Forrester on the American soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful (1987–2012). … In her final storyline, Stephanie Forrester lost her battle with lung cancer and died.

How old is Steffy on Bold and Beautiful?

Steffy Forrester Age Steffy Forrester was born on September 21, 1989, in Malibu, California United States. She is 29 years old as of 2018.

What is the tattoo on Rena Sofer’s arm?

“I am the queen bee,” she explained. “And the MRA in my scepter are for my girls. The shoes show while I can be a woman in every sense of the word, I’ll also protect my family with everything I have. The crown says what I am: MAMA.

Who was the original Ridge Forrester?

Actor Ronn Moss originated the role of Ridge, portraying the role for twenty-five years, from 1987 until his departure in 2012.

What is Carter’s last name on The Bold and the Beautiful?

Lawrence Saint-Victor portrays “Carter Walton,” the handsome and trusted lawyer for the Forrester family, and best friend of “Ridge Forrester.” Prior to joining THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, Lawrence Saint-Victor portrayed Remy Boudreau in “Guiding Light” from 2006-2009, on the Network.

Is Carter leaving bold and beautiful?

In 2018, Carter departed the series, only to recently make a big return in August 2021. Unfortunately, fans aren’t so excited about her return to The Bold and the Beautiful.

What happened to Eric Forrester Jr?

After they welcomed their son, Eric “Rick” Forrester, Jr., Brooke was drawn back to a newly-single Ridge, and she claimed to be carrying his baby, but Bridget Forrester turned out to be Eric’s. … After Eric had a heart attack while having sex with his wife and fell into a coma, it was revealed that he’d been poisoned.

Is Carter on bold and beautiful married?

Is Lawrence Saint-Victor married? Despite playing the field on The Bold and the Beautiful, the 39-year-old actor is spoken for in real life. That’s because Saint-Victor married Shay Flake in 2007.

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