is reverend al sharpton married

Is Reverend Al Sharpton still married?

Al Sharpton has filed for divorce from his estranged wife, Kathy Jordan Sharpton. Paperwork for a contested divorce was filed Thursday in Manhattan Supreme Court. A statement attributed to both of them said: “After years of being separated, Kathy and I have decided to formalize our separation by filing for divorce.12 feb. 2021

Where is Kathy Jordan now?

Now, Jordan lives in Palo Alto, California.

Who is Rev. Al Sharpton dating?

Since 2013, Rev Sharpton, the founder of The National Action Network, has been linked to Aisha McShaw, 42, who is 23-years his junior. They were first pictured together in July 2013 at the New York County Democratic Committee Award Ceremony when McShaw told those gathered she was his ‘girlfriend’.12 feb. 2021

How did Al Sharpton lose weight?

Sharpton began his weight loss in 2009, exercising regularly and cutting out meat from his diet. In 2001, he had shed 30 pounds during a hunger strike when he was imprisoned for protesting the U.S. government’s use of Vieques Island in Puerto Rico for bombing exercises.9 okt. 2013

Who is Al Sharpton sister?

Ernestine SharptonCheryl Sharpton

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