is rex orange county married

Does Rex Orange have a girlfriend?

Personal life. In 2015, O’Connor began dating fellow British singer-songwriter Thea Morgan-Murrell (known professionally as Thea), having met while attending the BRIT School together.

Where did Rex Orange County go to school?

The BRIT SchoolFrensham Heights School

Is Rex Orange County engaged?

The recording artist revealed on his Instagram and Twitter profiles that he has broken up with his partner Thea, leaving people question as to why the two have called it quits. Thea has also responded on Instagram.

How long did Rex date Thea?

rex orange county on Twitter: “2 years with thea.

Is Rex Orange County self taught?

A self-taught drummer, he gained entrance to the BRIT School in London as a teenager. While studying there, he also sang and played guitar, and picked up piano and production software skills while working on his first album.

Why is Rex Orange County called that?

He grew up in the village of Grayshott near Haslemere, Surrey. O’Connor’s interest in music began at a young age. … The name Rex Orange County is based on a teacher-given nickname, “The OC”, after his surname O’Connor. O’Connor attended Frensham Heights School in Farnham, Surrey.

Who influenced Rex Orange County?

In another interview with MTV from 2017, O’Connor talked up Wonder again and said: “A lot of music influences me in other ways than this but, I’ve always taken a lot of influence from Stevie Wonder, Frank Ocean and Jeff Rosenstock for the Rex music.

Who is Alex O’Connor dating?

“It Gets Better” is the love song of the album, and arguably one of O’Connor’s best, as it details the emotional journey of his relationship with his girlfriend of four years, Thea Morgan-Murrell.

How much does Rex Orange County Weight?

Rex Orange County Height and Weight Rex Orange is a man of average stature, he also appears to be quite tall in stature in his photos. He stands at a height of 5 ft 11 in (1.8 m). He also weighs 165 lbs (75 kgs).

What is Rex Orange County Instagram?

rex orange county (@rexorangecounty) • Instagram photos and videos.

Is Rex Orange County working on a new album?

Rex Orange County’s album, ‘Who Cares,’ premieres in March 2022. With “Keep It Up” came an announcement about a new album from Rex Orange County. The full-length album, Who Cares, is set to debut on March 11, 2022, with the artist going on tour in the same year.

What makes Rex Orange County unique?

Whether his music sounds like a jazz piece, a piano ballad, or a full orchestral symphony, Rex Orange County always creates tracks that are authentic and sincere. They resonate with the mushy, hard-to-say parts within all of us – Rex Orange County’s music does the talking so we don’t have to.

Does Rex Orange County have an accent?

His English accent comes out even when he’s singing in the pronunciation of words like dancing (“dawnsing”) and chance (“chawnce”) but his love for American rap, jazz and soul comes out in both the song’s production (funky saxophones, horns and flutes) and his lyrical swagger.

What kind of music does Rex Orange County make?

Rex Orange County is a British singer and songwriter. His music is under the genre of indie pop, but he incorporates many other genres, such as jazz, hip-hop, and rock, into his music. He is best known for the songs, “Loving is Easy,” “Sunflower,” “Apricot Princess,” and “Uno.”Feb 19, 2021

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