is rhonda burchmore married

Is Rhonda Burchmore still married?

Burchmore and her husband, Nick, a psychiatrist, have one daughter, Lexie. In 2010 she published her autobiography, Legs 11: The Rhonda Burchmore Story, named after the bingo-based popular epithet for her long-legged physique.

When did Rhonda Burchmore get married?

Nikolai and I fell madly in love and married in 1984. To this day, he is one of the most intelligent men I’ve met. We speak a couple of times a day, even if I’m away working, like in 1988 when I starred with Mickey Rooney in Sugar Babies in London’s West End.

How old is Rhonda Burchmore now?

Rhonda Burchmore, 61, shows off her extremely taught visage and line-free complexion as she promotes new burlesque show on Today Extra. She may have recently celebrated her 61st birthday.

How old is Rhonda Burchmores daughter?

Rhonda Burchmore has said that her 15-year-old daughter Lexie is a “miracle” child. The Australian entertainer, who performed in David Atkin’s Hot Shoe Shuffle right up to the end of her pregnancy with Lexie, said that she is now trying to make up for focusing on her career at the beginning of her daughter’s life.

Is Rhonda Burchmore related to Bert Newton?

Bert Newton remembered as full of love and kindness by family friend Rhonda Burchmore.

What is Rhonda Burchmore famous for?

Highlights of Rhonda Burchmore’s illustrious career include performing on London’s West End in Sugar Babies featuring Mickey Rooney and Ann Miller, Stop The World I Want To Get Off with Anthony Newley, starring opposite David Atkins in the original Hot Shoe Shuffle and opening Crown Casino with her cabaret spectacular …

Why was Bert Newton in palliative care?

He needed surgery after his toe became infected before Christmas. The infection was ‘linked to his diabetes’ and was threatening his life with doctors telling him the surgery was a ‘life or death decision’. Patti said Bert had every intention of coming home alive.1 nov 2021

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