is rick dale still married to kelly

Is Rick Dale still married to Kelly Dale?

Rick Dale has been married to his wife Kelly Dale for over two decades. They tied the knot in 1994. Over the married life of 26 years, Rick Dale and his wife have two children together. Both of their sons Tyler Dale & Brettly Dale (Rick’s stepson) and daughter Ally Dale work in the family business.

Is Rick’s Restoration still in business?

Rick’s Restorations was gone, replaced by five different businesses, each with its own particular specialty. A brand new cast was ushered in. It’s extremely rare for a hit program to change courses in such a radical manner, yet that’s exactly what happened.

Where is Rick Dale now?

Rick has set up a custom embroidery and custom laser-cut shop called My Best Font Forward Creations in Las Vegas. They sell a bunch of cool merchandise there, such as Christmas hangings, laser-cut decors, and more. On the side, Dale has also become an author, publishing his book “Classic Soda Machines.”Dec 31, 2021

Why was Rick’s Restorations Cancelled?

Why was Rick fired from American Restoration? Conflicting rumours and gossip about the main reason for the stir-up surfaced, ranging from accusations that Rick Dale American Restoration became difficult to work with, topped with declining ratings.

How much is Rick’s Restoration worth?

What Is Rick Dale’s Net Worth? Rick Dale is an American reality television star and professional antique restorer who has a net worth of $2 million.

How old is Kelly from Rick’s Restoration?

Kelly Mayer’s children The 27-year-old is the current manager at Rick’s Restorations shop, while his sister Ally is the salesperson.

How old is Tyler Dale now?

How old is Tyler Dale? The television personality is 27 years old; he was born on 25th September 1993 in Nevada.

Did Rick Dale from American Restoration pass away?

Rick died in his sleep February 2nd, 2019, from unknown causes. He was born December 21, 1957, in Myrtle Creek, OR. Rick is survived by his mother, Myrna Sue Wallace; his dad, Lloyd Schwab; his son, Travis; his brothers, Kyle, Jeff, and Shad; his sister, Kristi; his uncle, John and Sue.

Who is Kelly from American Restoration?

Kelly Mayer is an actress, known for The Awakening Tales (2014), Stories of the Paranormal (2009) …

Is American Restoration coming back?

NEW EPISODES OF AMERICAN RESTORATION RETURN WEDNESDAY AT 10/9c. NEW EPISODES OF AMERICAN RESTORATION RETURN NEXT WEDNESDAY AT 10/9c: Rick Dale and his crew are back with all new episode starting this Wednesday at 10/9c.

How much is Rick Harrison?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Rick Harrison is currently sitting at $9 million, which is a remarkable number given his somewhat humble beginnings. The Gold & Silver opened its doors as a pawn shop in the late 1980s, with Rick working there during the day and repossessing cars at night.

Who is Big Mike on American Restoration?

PODCAST: “Big Mike” Schario, a Canton resident who’s been on “Pawn Stars”, “American Restoration”, “Lost & Found” & is one of the store owners of “Finders Keepers” in Sugarcreek, OH joined the Kenny/JT show on @1480whbc to talk memoribilia, picking & more – …

Where is American Restoration?

Rick Dale and the crew at Rick’s Restorations, home of the popular History Channel show “American Restoration,” restore vintage items and antiques into valuable collectibles. Locations: On Commerce Street in downtown Las Vegas, near Charleston Boulevard.

What does Tyler Dale do for a living?

Tyler Dale net worth: Tyler Dale is an American reality television personality who has a net worth of $500 thousand. Tyler Dale is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he works in his father’s antique restoration company, Rick’s Restorations. He is slowly being groomed to take over the business from his father.

Who owns Rick’s Restoration?

Produced by Leftfield Pictures, the first six seasons were recorded in Las Vegas, Nevada, where it chronicled the daily activities at Rick’s Restorations, an antique restoration shop, with its owner Rick Dale, his staff, and teenage son, as they restore various vintage items to their original condition.

How fake is American Restoration?

For years they have been creating fake reality shows and constantly making them even more fake. This show was created to lie about where the people from Pawn Stars took things to get restored, just like Counting Cars. And just like those other two shows, AR followed the exact same fake path.

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