is robin swoboda married

Is Robin Swoboda related to Ron Swoboda?

Robin Swoboda (born 1958), an American news anchor. Ron Swoboda (born 1944), a former Major League Baseball player. Rudolf Swoboda (1859-1914), an Austrian painter.

Is Monica Robins married?

Robins and her husband, David Kumler, have been together for 21 years.

Where is Wilma Smith now?

Smith resides in Lakewood, Ohio, with her husband Tom and their dogs.

What happened to Wilma Smith?

CLEVELAND, Ohio — An emotional Wilma Smith told WJW Channel 8 viewers Monday that she will be leaving the station and television at the end of May. Smith has decided to end a 35-year Cleveland television career to spend more time with her family. “It was just time,” Smith said during a telephone interview.

When did Robin Swoboda get a divorce?

Swoboda became a born again Christian in 1989, and married her former husband, former NFL punter and placekicker Bryan Wagner in 1991; they divorced in 2015, and now she currently lives with their now grown-up children (sons Matthew and William, daughter Hallie) in Medina, Ohio.

Is Doug Dieken married to Connie Dieken?

Dieken married television broadcaster, Connie Dieken, but they are now divorced. Dieken has two children, Spencer and Ali.7 sep. 2020

What is Bryan Wagner doing now?

BRUNSWICK — Bryan Wagner, a former NFL football player, is currently teaching physical education at Willetts Middle School in Brunswick. Not only is he teaching, but also coaching seventh grade basketball and high school football.14 jan. 2017

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