is roger bart married

Was Roger Bart married to Hoda Kotb?

Roger Bart Family and Relationship Wife/Spouse: Hoda Kotb.

What happened to Roger Bart?

In 2016, Bart returned to Broadway in the musical Disaster! … In 2018, Bart was cast in the main role of Judge Wilson on the Freeform drama series Good Trouble, the spin-off of The Fosters. In 2019, Bart was cast as Dr. Emmett Brown in the musical adaptation of Back to the Future.

What is Roger Bart best known for?

Roger Bart is an actor and singer who made his Broadway debut in 1987 as the stand-in for Tom Sawyer in Big River. Most widely known for his role as the murderous pharmacist on Desperate Housewives, Bart provided the singing voice for several Disney animations.

Is Roger Bart in a series of unfortunate events?

A Series of Unfortunate Events (TV Series 2017–2019) – Roger Bart as Vice Principal Nero – IMDb.

Who plays the vice principal in a series of unfortunate events?

“A Series of Unfortunate Events” The Austere Academy: Part One (TV Episode 2018) – Roger Bart as Vice Principal Nero – IMDb.

Is Roger Bart back in Back to the Future?

BroadwayWorld has learned that Roger Bart, who plays Doc Brown in Back to the Future The Musical, has tested positive for Covid-19. As a result, his understudy, Mark Oxtoby, will go on as Doc Brown for the first time tonight, which is the official opening of the show in the West End.

What was Roger Bart in?

Roger Douglas Bart is an American actor, voice actor, and singer. He is known for starring as Carmen Ghia in The Producers. For Disney, he provided the singing voices of Hercules in the film of the same name and Scamp in Lady and the Tramp II.

Who plays Principal Nero?

Nero is portrayed by Roger Bart in the TV series.

Who played Brad Cayman on the good fight?

The Good Fight (TV Series 2017– ) – Roger Bart as Brad Cayman – IMDb.

Who plays Mason in revenge?

Mason TreadwellMason TreadwellPortrayed by Roger BartBiographical InformationFull name:Leo Mason TreadwellStatus:Alive12 more rows

Who played Curtis on how I met your mother?

Roger Bart, the actor who plays Curtis appeared as a supporting member of the Harold and Kumar franchise.

Who played Mason Treadwell on revenge?

Roger Bart: Mason Treadwell. Jump to: Photos (3)

Where do I know Roger Bart from?

Roger Bart was born on September 29, 1962 in Norwalk, Connecticut, USA.

Who played George the pharmacist on Desperate Housewives?

George Williams on Desperate Housewives2 Actor Roger Bart plays George Williams, appearing in 15 episodes in the long running comedy-drama series Desperate Housewives. Bree Van de Kamp, one of the series main characters, knows George as the local pharmacist who always compliments her appearance.

What happens to George in Desperate Housewives?

George retreated to a hotel room (in the same hotel where Bree is co-hosting a charity event) and had a bellman give her a note. He then overdosed on sleeping pills which ultimately led to his death.

Is Hoda Kotb still married?

Hoda Kotb and her longtime beau Joel Schiffman have called it quits. The former couple — who share daughters Hope, 2, and Haley, 4, and have been together since 2013 — are going their separate ways, after getting engaged in November 2019.

Does Hoda have a child?

Haley Joy KotbHope Catherine Kotb

Can Roger Bart play the violin?

An instructor was hired for him, which made him more nervous, but then he suggested things like playing the violin between his legs, which meant he didn’t have to be an accurate violinist.

Who plays Scooter Rovenpor?

Back in episode 5, it was discovered that Liz hired Scooter Rovenpor (played by Roger Bart) to represent Alban “The Freelancer” Veseli.

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