is roman kemp married

Is Roman Kemp in a relationship?

Roman Kemp ‘dating radio producer Codie Jones’ after bonding over pal’s death. Roman Kemp is said to have found love with his radio producer Codie Jones a year after splitting with his ex. The I’m A Celebrity heart-throb, 28, was in a relationship with Swiss neuroscientist Anne-Sophie Flury for three years.3 jul. 2021

Does Roman Kemp have a child?

It’s no surprise to hear, then, that the star and his wife Shirlie Holliman broke the number one parenting rule and brought up Roman and their daughter, photographer Harley Moon, to be their friends. It clearly worked. “We have one of the best father-son relationships I know,” Roman said proudly.24 mrt. 2021

Is Roman Kemp still with his gf?

The star’s last serious romance was with Anne-Sophie Flury. Roman met the Swiss neuroscientist on Tinder and they dated for three years. The pair had moved in together just a few months before their relationship came to an end in July 2020.3 jul. 2021

Is Roman Kemp getting married?

Roman is currently single. He was previously in a long-term relationship with ex-girlfriend Anne-Sophie Flury and talked about Sophie during his time in the jungle. The couple were together for almost three years.4 jun. 2021

Was Joe Lyons married?

On 28 April 1915, Lyons married Enid Burnell, the daughter of a family friend; she was almost 18 years his junior. He had begun courting her in 1912, when she was 15. The couple had twelve children together: Gerald Desmond (1916–2000)

Is Martin Kemp still married?

Martin Kemp has been married to Shirlie Holliman since 1988. Shirlie is best known for being a former backing singer of the group Wham!, and one half of the 1980s pop duo, Pepsi & Shirlie.29 dec. 2021

Does Roman Kemp live with parents?

Shirlie announced the exciting news that the couple – who are parents to grown-up children Roman and Harley – had moved into their new property at the end of October after leaving behind their Hertfordshire family home.12 jan. 2022

Has Roman Kemp got a sister?

Here’s all you need to know about Roman’s older sister Harley Moon… WATCH: Roman Kemp and Vick Hope play HELLO!/GOODBYE!25 jun. 2021

Is Roman Kemp on Tinder?

Roman Kemp joins Bumble in search of dates… just weeks after split from Anne-Sophie Flury. He met his ex-girlfriend on the dating app Tinder. And now, Roman Kemp has revealed he’s joined Bumble in search of dates, just weeks after his split from girlfriend of three years Anne-Sophie Flury.14 aug. 2020

Does Roman have a girlfriend?

Roman Kemp enjoyed a date with his rumoured girlfriend Codie Jones watching England’s Euros 2020 match against Germany on Tuesday. The Capital radio host, 28, and Australian radio producer were seen walking side-by-side as they left Wembley Stadium after the game ended with a 2-0 victory for England.3 jul. 2021

Why did Vick hope leave Capital?

Hope is best known for her work presenting the Capital Breakfast show in London along with Roman Kemp and Sonny Jay since 2017. … On 24 February 2020, she announced that she would be leaving the show to focus on other ventures.

Who is Roman Kemp dating now 2021?

Following his stint in the I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! jungle, radio DJ Kemp said that having a family would be a “natural progression” for him and girlfriend Anne-Sophie Flury, although they are not ready just yet. Kemp, 26, told Hello! magazine: “I knew I wanted to be with Soph on our first date.8 nov. 2021

Who was Joe Lyons partner?

Joseph Lyons was the Prime Minister of Australia from 1932 to 1939. Enid Lyons was constantly involved in official duties as prime ministerial spouse, in servicing the Wilmot electorate and in party campaigning.

What is the tattoo on Roman Kemps leg?

And while Martin Kemp doesn’t look to be showing off any tattoos, Roman’s donning a special one on his leg as it was etched onto his skin by Ed Sheeran. As reported by Capital FM, Roman has the words “Ed Woz Ere 2K7” tattooed on his shin.5 jun. 2021

How much does Roman Kemp earn?

The radio presenter has built up a wealth of around £1million, Celebrity Net Worth reported. The 28-year-old found fame as a presenter on Capital FM, a role he has held since 2014.24 mrt. 2021

How old was Roman Kemps friend Joe?

Joe Lyons was a producer at Capital Radio and a close friend of Roman Kemp. Tragically he took his own life at the age of 31 in August, 2020.16 mrt. 2021

Who is George Michael to Roman Kemp?

Roman Kemp has George Michael to thank for being raised in the UK. The 28-year-old star – who is the son of Martin Kemp and Shirlie Holliman – was born in Los Angeles and his parents were thinking about making a full-time switch to the US before George convinced them otherwise.7 dec. 2021

Are Pepsi and Shirlie still friends?

Lucia during 1988, and the pair remain together. They both took part in an endurance rally during 2018 for the BBC programme Eight Go Rallying: The Road to Saigon. Pepsi ran a gift shop in Wellington, New Zealand for several years, and then briefly lived in Norwich with her husband, Jame Crockett.

Who is Gary Kemps wife?

Lauren Barberm. 2003Sadie Frostm. 1988–1995

Who is Pepsi and Shirley married to?

Martin Kemp is married to both Pepsi and Shirlie.24 jun. 2020

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