is ruben dominguez married to coco dominguez

Is CoCo Dominguez still married?

You get to create a spirit, vibe and mood that can really uplift and inform people.” Dominguez married former Oiler and NFL coach Cris Dishman in 2004. She relocated with him and her daughter from a previous relationship, Bianca, now 21, to Germany, where Dishman coached.

Who is CoCo Dominguez?

With years of experience in radio broadcasting and 4 years in television broadcasting, CoCo Dominguez is a bilingual On-Air Talent whose passion for entertainment and music has landed her some amazing television and radio hosting opportunities.

Who is Jose Grinan wife?

Kathy Griffin-Grinan | The Stepping Up Initiative.

Where has Jose Grinan been?

Grinan currently serves as the Morning News Anchor at KRIV-TV since August 1993. Citing his time here, he has been an integral part of FOX 26 Morning News since its inception and is now the senior morning news anchor.

Who left Fox 26?

Farewell to Meteorologist Stephen Morgan FOX 26 Meteorologist Stephen Morgan is leaving Houston to join the FOX Weather team in New York City. We couldn’t let him go without a proper farewell as we looked back at his time here. We are so proud of Stephen and are thrilled about this new opportunity.

Who is Denise Middleton?

Denise Middleton is a hometown girl, born and raised in southwest Houston. She is excited to join the FOX 26 News team as the weekend morning anchor and reporter. … From there, she headed south to Shreveport, Louisiana, where she worked as a morning anchor and reporter.

Why is Jose Grinan not on Fox news?

Jose Grinan returns to Fox 26 KRIV mornings: Fox 26 KRIV anchor Jose Grinan has been a fixture of the Fox owned and operated station’s morning news for twenty plus years. So when he “disappears” from the anchor desk, viewers notice. But Grinan has a very good reason for being away, he’s recovering from surgery.

How much does Melissa Wilson make?

Melissa Wilson Salary ranges from $69,000 to $74,000 annually. This translates to an hourly average wage of between $33.17 and $35.58. This is Per our average wage estimates for a FOX 26 News anchor in the United States.

Is Steven Romo married?

Romo announced his engagement to Fox Weather meteorologist Stephen Morgan in July 2021.

Where is Casey Curry working now?

Casey Curry returned to Houston TV in August 2021, this time at KPRC 2 as meteorologist.

Where is Kaitlin Monte?

Kaitlin Monte is an American journalist working for Fox-owned KRIV in Houston, TX. She is solo anchor of the station’s weeknight newscast at 6 p.m. and 10 p.m., and co-anchor for the 9 p.m. newscast. Monte joined KRIV in 2016 as a reporter and fill-in anchor.

Is Kaitlin Montes pregnant?

Kaitlin Monte announced she is pregnant with her third child. “So, yes, it’s a 👶 bump,” Monte posted on Facebook. “Excited for round three.” The FOX 26 KRIV evening anchor previously gave birth to baby girl Avalyn in 2017 and baby boy Christopher in 2019.

Where is Lina de Florias?

Lina de Florias is an American journalist currently working as morning co-anchor for FOX 26- TV. She previously worked as a weekend anchor and reporter at KVTK/KPHO in Phoenix, Arizona before joining FOX 26. She was employed as a weekend anchor and writer before linking the Fox 26 Houston September 2018.

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