is sam kerr married

Are Sam Kerr and Kristie Mewis together?

The couple confirmed their relationship in August after they were spotted cuddling on the pitch following the bronze medal match at the Tokyo Olympics, which the United States won 4-3 against Australia.01.12.2021

Who is Sam kerrs partner?

Kerr is currently in a relationship with American soccer player Kristie Mewis. She was previously in a relationship with former Perth Glory and Chicago Red Stars teammate, Nikki Stanton.

How long did Sam Kerr and Nikki Stanton date?

According to The Daily Telegraph, Kerr decided to part ways with long-term partner Nikki Stanton after more than seven years together, sparking rumours about the Aussie Olympian’s dating life. Kerr reportedly told friends she had “fallen out of love” with Stanton, whom she met back in 2014.25.08.2021

How much does Samantha Kerr make?

It is likely to see the Matildas captain remain one of the world’s most highly paid players. She joined Chelsea in November 2019 for a deal reportedly worth more than $600,000 a season.16.11.2021

Who is Kristie Mewis currently dating?

Kristie Mewis is dating Sam Kerr, now one of sports’ LGBTQ power couples. During the Olympics about 30 people asked us to add Mewis to our list of out athletes. Now we can.09.08.2021

How did Sam meet Kristie?

She is also a member of Kristie’s soccer team, the Houston Dash, which is how they met. They liked to share the occasional loved-up pictures on their respective Instagrams, but neither sports player revealed the reason behind their split.10.08.2021

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