is sean carrigan married

Where is Sean Carrigan now?

Having wrapped his brief return as The Young and the Restless’ Stitch Rayburn, Sean Carrigan can now be found on a charming new Netflix series starring Julie Delpy and Elisabeth Shue.

Who is Ben Rayburn?

Benjamin “Stitch” Rayburn, M.D. is a fictional character on The Young and the Restless, portrayed by Sean Carrigan from June 28, 2013 to January 18, 2017. He is best friends with Dylan McAvoy whom he had met in the army.

Who was Abby married to on Y&R?

Abby and Stitch’s wedding It’s the day all of Genoa City has been waiting for: Ben “Stitch” Rayburn and Abby Newman’s wedding day! The young couple decided to hold their nuptials at Newman Towers on New Year’s Eve, surrounded by all their loved ones.

Did Brett Favre play in GREY’s anatomy?

Trivia (3) First Grey’s Anatomy appearance of Caterina Scorsone. She later becomes a series regular after Private Practice ends. When Amelia is first talking to Mark, Mark guestures to Todd and calls him Brett Favre. Sean Carrigan, who plays Todd, played Brett Favre in the short “Brett Rise: What Should I Do?”

When was stitch on Y&R?

Actor Sean Carrigan portrayed the doctor from June 2013 until his exit in January 2017. Although in June 2021, it was revealed that he was coming back to the soap!Aug 30, 2021

Why did stitch take Mariah?

Stitch’s motive for kidnapping Mariah Max’s behavior took a sinister turn when he caused a pregnant Abby to fall down the stairs, which lead to her miscarrying her baby. Stitch and Abby would divorce, and he’d leave town with Max, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Why did Ben and Abby break up?

Stitch and Abby didn’t really like each other when they first met, because Abby thought Ben murdered his father. … Abby and Ben split up on October 21, 2016 after she tells him she doesn’t love him and wants a divorce and walks away from him leaving him devastated.

Is stitch leaving Y&R?

The Young and the RestlessComings & Goings. Once Stitch was unmasked as Mariah’s kidnapper, it was clear that Sean Carrigan’s days on The Young and the Restless were numbered. And sure enough, Soap Opera Digest confirms that the actor and his tortured alter ego are indeed out.

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