is sepideh moafi married

Is Sepideh Moafi Persian?

As a child, Sepideh Moafi ’07 had no idea where in the world she and her family would end up living. Her parents fled Iran in the early 1980s, and she was born in a refugee camp in Regensburg, Germany.

What has Jordan Hull been in?

The L Word: Generation QHustle2022

What nationality is Gigi from L word?

Sepideh Moafi is an Iranian-American actress. She portrays Gigi Ghorbani on Showtime’s The L Word: Generation Q.

Who plays Bettes daughter on The L Word?

“I’m still pinching myself a little bit,” says the actress, who plays Bette and Tina’s teenage daughter. Making your onscreen debut is nerve-wracking enough, but Jordan Hull had the added pressure of doing so as the daughter of two beloved characters from Showtime’s The L Word.

How old is Angie in The L Word Generation Q?

Jordan Hull had zero idea at the time she signed on to portray Angie in The L Word: Generation Q, the reboot that’s currently in its second season. The 18-year-old series regular only knew that Bette was not someone to be messed with when she first met the actor who portrays her, Jennifer Beals.

Who is Angie on The L Word?

On Generation Q, she is portrayed by Jordan Hull who debuts in “Let’s Do It Again”. Angie is the daughter of Bette Porter and Tina Kennard.

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