is sherri shepherd still married

Who is Sherri Shepherd currently married to?

Lamar Sallym. 2011–2015Jeff Tarpleym. 2001–2010

Why did Sherri Shepherd leave her husband?

She said their marriage was suffering when she agreed to have a child via a surrogate because her eggs were no longer viable. However, when the surrogate was only mid-way through the pregnancy, Shepherd filed for divorce from Sally.

What does Lamar Sally do for a living?

ScreenwriterTelevision producer

Who is Sherri’s son?

Lamar Sally, Jr.Jeffrey Charles Tarpley Jr.

Does Sherri Shepherd have a child?

Lamar Sally, Jr.Jeffrey Charles Tarpley Jr.

Are Niecy Nash and Sherri still friends?

The actress even revealed that her friendship with Nash, who remains one of Shepherd’s closest friends to date, suffered severely after her and Sally’s breakup. “We had a big blowout. We did,” she said. “I said, ‘Niecy, I will never go out with anybody you introduce me to.

When did Sherri Shepherd get married?

August 13, 2011 (Lamar Sally)March 10, 2001 (Jeff Tarpley)

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