is simon cowell married

What is the age difference between Simon Cowell and his wife?

She’s Much Younger Than Simon Like other Hollywood couples, Lauren and Simon aren’t particularly that close in age. In fact, the stunning socialite is 18 years younger than her America’s Got Talent judge beau.

How old is Simon Cowell’s baby?

Eric Cowell, 6, was born February 14, 2014, making him 6-years-old and is the first child of Simon Cowell. His mum is Simon’s girlfriend Lauren Silverman.

Is Lauren Silverman the mother of Simon Cowell’s child?

An heir is born Lauren gave birth to their son Eric — named after Simon’s father — on February 14, 2014. Fatherhood softened Simon. “People have asked me if I have changed since I have had Eric and of course you do, you can’t help it,” he told Daily Mail. But the big life change wasn’t easy for the couple.

Is Simon Cowell married 2020?

Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman are engaged! The couple’s relationship through the years. To Simon Cowell, his long-term girlfriend Lauren Silverman has got that special “X-Factor.” The “America’s Got Talent” judge is officially engaged to Silverman, Cowell’s representative confirmed to USA TODAY Tuesday.

What kind of car does Simon Cowell drive?

20 Rolls-Royce Phantom Simon Cowell drives an imposing Rolls-Royce Phantom. In its new state, this car will cost you $500,000. A twin-turbocharged and intercooled, DOHC, 48-valve V12 engine that produces 563 hp and 664 pound-feet of torque powers it.

Does Simon Cowell have a child?

Fans of Simon’s television work may not be immediately aware that the singing competition juggernaut is also a proud father. Indeed, Simon is the parent of Eric Cowell, his seven-year-old son with Lauren Silverman who was born back in 2014.

What is Simon’s net worth?

12 Things to Know About “This Is Us” As you can imagine, every show that Simon worked on brought in millions — and he reaped the rewards. The music and television tycoon is worth an estimated $550 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Does Simon Cowell own American Idol?

Despite his big paycheck, Cowell left American Idol after season nine. He was plenty busy, having started his own three-part production company: Syco TV, Syco Film, and Syco Music. … It has been announced that Cowell will serve as a judge on The X Factor Israel in 2021.

Can Simon Cowell sing?

He can’t sing or play an instrument, doesn’t know how to use an iPod and prefers watching TV to listening to CDs – yet it’s the music industry that has made Simon Cowell his fortune.

Did Simon Cowell adopt Eric?

Fans know Simon Cowell for his hilariously critical roles as a judge on hit TV competitions, but nothing makes him emotional quite like his kids. Since he became the dad of son Eric and the stepfather to fiancée Lauren Silverman’s son, Adam, Simon has opened up his heart to love more than ever.

Why did Simon cry when Josh sang jealous?

In 2015, singer Josh Daniel performed an emotional audition on The X Factor that made judge Simon Cowell cry. He shared the tragic story of his friend’s death, which touched Simon, who had recently lost his mother. The audition has gone down as one of the most memorable in the show’s history.

Are Simon Cowell and Andrew Silverman still friends?

In December of 2017, several publications reported that Silverman and Cowell put the past in the past and decided to remain friends.

What happened to Simon Cowell son?

SIMON Cowell headed out with his son Eric – 9 months after a horrific accident that almost left him paralysed. … He needed six hours of surgery and missed his spinal cord by a centimetre in the horrific accident.

What is Simon Cowell’s net worth 2021?

Simon Cowell Net Worth Growth in Last 5 YearsNet Worth in 2021$600 MillionNet Worth in 2020$550 MillionNet Worth in 2019$410 MillionNet Worth in 2018$380 MillionNet Worth in 2017$310 Million1 more row•Jan 10, 2022

Where is Simon Cowells house in LA?

It’s located in the prestigious 90210 zip code of Beverly Hills, and after transforming it during his time there, Simon called it his “dream home”.

Does Simon Cowell own a Rolls Royce?

Rolls Royce Phantom – Driven in 2009 Simon apparently has TWO of these elite motors.

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