is stefani schaefer married to mike fratello

Is Stefani Schaefer still married to Roger Schaefer?

Yes, he is married to Stefani Schaefer. The couple has been blessed with two children. In 2012 while at work, Roger fell off a scaffold suffering a traumatic brain injury. After months in a coma, he was able to regain consciousness and is still under recovery from memory loss.

Where is Roger Schaefer now?

Those injuries left Roger with aphasia, an inability to put names to people and objects, and visual agnosia, an inability to recognize faces. After many months at Metro Health, he now is in a Pennsylvania facility that specializes in traumatic brain injuries.

Where is AJ Colby today?

In the spring of 2000, AJ began working full-time in Cleveland and is now honored to serve as a staff meteorologist at WJW Fox 8.

Is Gabe Spiegel married?

Gabe Spiegel Wife Spiegel has been married to his lovely wife for quite a long time now. As a result of their marriage, the couple shares two children together. They are a son named Eli and a daughter.

Where is Beth McLeod now?

So, Fred and Beth bought a home in Bay Village, where Beth had lived as a child before her family moved to Michigan, while Beth continued to work in Detroit. For two years, she commuted between the two cities before taking a position at Channel 19 and later joining Fox 8 in 2018.

Is Elizabeth Noreika married?

Noreika is married to Joshua Robertson. Robertson serves as a policeman. They tied the knot on 21st April 2012 at Scott Depot in West Virginia.

Where does Jenn Harcher live?

Jenn Harcher Husband Mary’s Church in Chardon. The wedding was officiated by Father Tom Behrend. The pair are proud parents of two energetic boys. Jenn’s husband once worked as a technician at Grady White Boat Factory in Greenville, N.C. The family resides in Cleveland.

Why is Melissa Mack working from home?

Melissa says she’s moving on to other opportunities so she could spend more time with her 5-year-old son, Jett. On Facebook, she posted a goodbye poem that says in part, ‚ÄúThis is a celebration. For the sun will rise. The sun will set.

Who is the new weather girl on Fox 8 Cleveland?

Jenn Harcher is thrilled to be a part of the Fox 8 Weather Team! A true Cleveland’s Own, she was born and raised in the Snowbelt Capital of Ohio. The Chardon native is no stranger to the power of lake-effect and is always up for the challenge of forecasting in this unique area.

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