is stephanie hockridge married

Where is Stephanie Hockridge now?

ABC15’s Stephanie Hockridge is now alongside and joining Katie Raml, Steve Irvin, and Amber Sullins on the News at 10pm anchor team. Stephanie will continue to anchor ABC15 News at 5pm and 6pm, and report on large stories around our state.

Is Stephanie Hockridge still on ABC15?

Hockridge worked for ABC15 from 2011 to 2018. In a Facebook post, Hockridge wrote she co-founded Blueacorn in 2020.17 dec. 2021

Is Vince Marotta married?

Marotta, who was responsible for much of the company’s marketing as chairman and CEO, recruited Joe DiMaggio to appear in a series of Mr. Coffee television commercials. By 1979, just seven years after its consumer launch, sales of Mr….Vincent Marotta.Vincent Marotta Sr.Spouse(s)Ann Marotta (m. 1954–2015)Children6Nog 4 rijen

Is Steve Irvin leaving ABC News?

Steve Irvin, longtime anchor at ABC15 in Phoenix, is leaving the station. He made the announcement at the end of the 6 p.m. newscast on Monday, Nov. 22, citing recent health issues and the stress of the job as the main factors. “Last summer I came dangerously close to a heart attack,” Irvin said.23 nov. 2021

Where is Chelsey Davis now?

Host for Arizona Sports Teams, Former NFL Cheerleader for the Arizona Cardinals.

Who is Stephanie Hockridge fiance?

Hockridge is currently dating and engaged to Vince Marotta. Vince Marotta is also a journalist. They are working in the broadcasting industry for a long time.

Who is Vince Marotta?

Vince Marotta, co-host of Bickley & Marotta on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM and PA announcer for Phoenix Suns home games, holds up an Arizona Sports 98.7 FM banner with a Suns logo in a studio at Bonneville Phoenix in Phoenix on July 16.17 jul. 2021

Who Founded Mr Coffee?

Vincent Marotta Sr., who as a creator of the Mr. Coffee machine helped send the percolator the way of the one-horse shay, died on Saturday at his home in Pepper Pike, Ohio. He was 91.4 aug. 2015

What nationality is Kaley O Kelley?

Who is Kaley O’Kelley? Kaley O’Kelley is an American award-winning news anchor, reporter, and host who has worked for a number of networks in her life.

Who is Faye Fredericks married to?

“Arizona is home for my family, and I’m thrilled to have this new opportunity at ABC15.” Fredricks was most recently a morning anchor on Channel 12 before the NBC station reshuffled its personnel lineup. She is married to KTVK-TV Sports Director Tim Ring.1 sep. 2015

Who is Megan Thompson?

Megan Thompson is a correspondent and reporter of PBS NewsHour. She shoots, produces, and serves as a substitute anchor. Thompson previously worked for the PBS shows Need to Know, WorldFocus, and Now on PBS. She is best known for working in research and communications on Capitol Hill.

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