is stephen flynn married

Are David and Stephen Flynn married?

HAPPY PAIR The Irish cook has re-married since as he recently tied the knot with his partner, Sabrina Vande Cotte. … Stephen captioned the cute photos: “Congrats to Dave and Sab on getting married today and welcome to the family @sabrinavandecotte”.

Do The Happy Pear have kids?

Helping David celebrate the day was his brother Stephen, who’s married to wife Justyna and with whom he has three children May, Theo and Ned.

How old are The Happy Pear?

The Happy Pear twins Stephen and David Flynn, 41, are sitting out the back of their vegan shop in Greystones, Co Wicklow, on a glorious spring morning, eating the same wholemeal falafel pitta.

How much are The Happy Pear worth?

Revenues had increased from €8.14m in 2017 to €9.96m last year. Finance Director with the Happy Pear, Paul Murphy stated: “We would expect 2019 revenues to be broadly consistent with 2018. We have made strong improvements in profitability in 2019 and expect to be earnings positive for the year.

Is The Happy Pear vegan or vegetarian?

The Happy Pear are known for their infectious energy, their hit café in their hometown Greystones and of course their delicious vegetarian cooking.

Are The Happy Pear ready meals healthy?

The meals, which will be available from Happy Pear SuperValu stores all over the country, are all 450 calories or less and vegan-friendly. The healthy vegan dinners come in three different flavors: Veggie Korma, Chilli no Carne, and Chickpea Curry. … It’s made with veggies, chickpeas, fresh broccoli, and brown rice.

Do happy pears drink alcohol?

Recently I was privileged enough to spend a week at the beautiful Ballyvolane House, Co. Cork with ‘The Happy Pear’ David and Stephen Flynn along with wellness legend Rich Roll. Very quickly I uncovered that these uber fit and healthy wellness advocates shared something in common with me. None of them drink alcohol.

How did The Happy Pear start?

The Happy Pear was started in 2004, by me and my identical twin brother David. We grew up on a meat-and-two-veg diet and played a lot of rugby – we were stereotypical jocks. … In changing our diet and our lifestyle we became happier in ourselves and we wanted to share that and inspire other people too.

Where does The Happy Pear live?

Fast forward 15 years, The Happy Pear now consists of our cafe and shop in Greystones, Wicklow, 60 products, 7 online courses, 5 cookbooks, a farm, a roastery, and a community of over 1 million people living healthier!

Is The Happy Pear Irish?

The Happy Pear is in Greystones, Ireland. The recipes please, thank you!

Is Happy Pear gluten free?

Creamy dairy free, gluten free and sugar free soft serve “ice cream” that you can whip up in minutes… no ice cream maker required! Just eat it up fast before it melts!

Who owns The Happy Pear?

David Flynn – Joint founder and owner – The Happy Pear | LinkedIn.

How many books have The Happy Pear?

Now, with fans like Russell Brand, Joe Wicks, Rangan Chatterjee and Fearne Cotton, sales of over a quarter of a million copies of their four cookbooks, a social audience of nearly one million, bestselling vegan products throughout Ireland and the UK, and their original Happy Pear cafés still thriving in Ireland, David …

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