is steven arnold married

What happened to Steven Arnold?

After fifteen years on the soap, the character was axed by producer Phil Collinson in 2010, and Ashley was killed off in the episode broadcast to celebrate the show’s fiftieth anniversary on 8 December 2010 in the tram crash.

Who was Ashley Peacock wife?

Claire Jane Peacock (née Casey) was the second wife of Ashley Peacock, stepmother of Joshua and mother of Freddie. Claire was employed by a recently widowed Ashley as Joshua’s nanny in 2003. Love eventually blossomed between the pair and they were married on Christmas Day 2004.

What happened to Ashley peacocks wife in Corrie?

Claire’s husband Ashley was killed in the storyline.

Did Ashley and Maxine get married in Coronation Street?

After his relationship with Kelly ends, Ashley is involved in an on-off relationship with Maxine Heavey (Tracy Shaw). Eventually, Maxine moves in with Ashley at No. 4 – Fred’s house. … In 1999, Ashley and Maxine get back together, and finally marry in September.

Where is Steven Arnold jockey?

Arnold retired as a professional jockey in 2018 but now rides trackwork for Chris Waller Racing at Flemington. He also spends time each week riding at Lloyd Williams’ Macedon Lodge.29 okt. 2021

Who did Fred Elliott marry in Coronation Street?

In 1997, Fred married Maureen Holdsworth (Sherrie Hewson) but Maureen quickly tired of Fred’s overbearing nature and plans for their future and left him a week after the wedding. Fred then married barmaid Eve Sykes (Melanie Kilburn) in 2001.

Who was Ashley married to in Corrie?

Ashley moved to Coronation Street in 1996 when he became Don Brennan’s lodger at No. 5. A year later, Fred gave Ashley his house, No. 4, and in 1999 Ashley married Maxine Heavey.

What is Steven Arnold from Coronation Street doing now?

Since leaving Weatherfield, Steven has starred in numerous stage productions including Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, where he played Bottom, and a theatre version of classic TV show Darling Buds of May. He has also featured in a number of films, including 2015’s Womble alongside Johnny Vegas.

How old is Ashley from Coronation Street?

Her on-screen hubby Ashley Peacock, played by Steven Arnold, hasn’t been seen on screen as much in recent years. The 41-year-old played the lovable butcher on the ITV soap for 15 years before being killed off in the soap’s dramatic tram crash story line to celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2010.

When did Maxine leave Corrie?

Tracy is best known for her years playing hairdresser Maxine Peacock between 1995 and 2003. But her run on the show came to an end when she was brutally murdered by Richard Hillman.30 dec. 2021

Did Ashley and Maxine have a baby?

Joshua Peacock’s parentage Maxine gave birth to her only child, Joshua, prematurely after a confrontation with Ashley, during which he found out about her fling with Matt. Ashley was furious with his wife, but was determined not to let anyone else on the Street know that the child might not be his.

Who lives in Ashley peacocks house now?

In 2008, the Peacocks had financial problems and needed to downsize their home. They organised a house swap with No. 13, and Kevin and Sally Webster, along with daughters Rosie and Sophie, moved in. In 2010, Sophie Webster’s girlfriend Sian Powers also moved into the property.

What happened to Fred Elliott?

Fred was killed off in October 2006; the character made a final, posthumous appearance in the episode following his death in an open casket.

What Happened to Baby Shannon in Coronation Street?

Four months after the baby’s birth, during Christmas time 1997, Zoe kidnapped her back and changed her name to Shannon. The little girl tragically died from meningitis aged just eight months old, in April 1998.

What happened to Spider in Coronation Street?

However, fans bid farewell to loveable Spider in 2003 when the actor who played him – Martin Hancock – left the ITV soap. … At the time, the actor revealed that he chose to leave his acting role over fears his character had run his course on the cobbles.29 dec. 2021

Has Tracy Shaw got children?

Louis PoundallLuca Alexander Poundall

Where is Tracey Shaw now?

Where is Tracy Shaw now? Tracy Shaw is still an actress and is currently starring in The Cat and the Canary in theatres across the country. Ashley is actually the son of her mum Anne’s boyfriend of eight years, Colin. The couple live in Caversham Heights, Berkshire and have two sons Louis, 16, and Luca, 15.29 okt. 2021

Does Maureen stay married to Fred Elliott?

Maureen granted Reg a divorce. Reg had got Yvonne pregnant and they had a daughter. Maureen married Fred Elliott in 1997, but swiftly got with Bill Webster, and the pair departed in October 1997, leaving Fred devastated.

What happened to Fred and Maureen from Coronation Street?

While in Germany, Maureen divorced Fred and married Bill. The couple did not return to Coronation Street until Bill visited his family in 2006 and began an affair with Audrey Roberts. … Maureen now lives in Germany.

Who was Fred Elliots secret son?

As a youngster, he grew up at 22 Ashchurch Grove, next door to the Mottersheads and their daughter Suzie – who later became Ken Barlow’s head teacher. In May 1999, after gossiping a bit too much to Audrey Roberts, Fred was forced to admit that Ashley was his secret son.

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