is stoney larue married

Did Stoney LaRue hit his wife?

An Oklahoma musician was arrested Monday morning for domestic violence. Stoney LaRue ended up in jail after police said he pushed his girlfriend down the stairs. … LaRue’s girlfriend took to Twitter, denying LaRue ever struck her. The happenings of this incident have been blown out of proportion by the media.

Is Stoney LaRue his real name?

Stoney LaRue (born Stoney Larue Phillips in 1977) is an American Texas Country/Red Dirt artist.

What guitar does Stoney LaRue play?

Stoney LaRue Promotes His Brand with Custom Acoustic Mini Guitar by AXE HEAVEN® – AXE HEAVEN Miniature Guitars.

Where did Stoney LaRue go to high school?

LaRue was born in Taft, Texas, but spent his “young, life-forming years” living with his grandmother in Buffalo Valley in southeast Oklahoma. “When I was 15, I moved in with my Dad in Stillwater, where I went to high school,” he said. “I was the mascot [at Stillwater High].”Oct 23, 2015

When did Stoney LaRue start singing?

At 3 years old, LaRue could be found belting out “Swinging” by John Anderson on his Mr. Microphone radio. The son of a struggling bass player and a nurse, LaRue understood the allure of music at an early age, and recorded his first works at age twelve.

Is Cody Canada from Cross Canadian Ragweed?

Cody Jay Canada (born May 25, 1976, in Pampa, Texas) is an American rock/alt-country musician who currently is the lead singer and lead guitarist of the rock band The Departed since 2010. From 1994 to 2010, Canada was the lead singer of rock/alt country band Cross Canadian Ragweed.

How do I book Stoney LaRue?

CALL US TODAY (725) 228-5100 and speak with a CTI Stoney LaRue booking agent to get direct availability and pricing for having this talent to work your event.

Who were the members of Cross Canadian Ragweed?

Cody CanadaLead VocalsGrady CrossGuitarRandy RagsdaleDrum KitJeremy PlatoBass guitarMatt WiedemannBass guitar

Will Cross Canadian Ragweed ever get back together?

Sixteen years is a good run… getting back together will never happen. The guys also cover Cody’s relationship with longtime friend and band mate Jeremy Plato, and his passing of the torch on to his sons and helping with their musical careers.

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