is teddy swims married

Is Teddy Swimming guy?

But getting here has been a wild journey. The man born Jaten Dimsdale grew up in Georgia, a preacher’s grandson with a powerful voice of his own. He played football and a handful of roles in high school musicals, but it was a particularly active time in Atlanta’s metal, punk, and rap scenes—music called to him.

How did Teddy Swims get his name?

The Teddy Swims project was born around 2019 when a producer friend, Addy Maxwell, suggested that Dimsdale come rap over some beats he had been making. … He adopted the stage name “Swims” from internet forum-speak, making an acronym for Someone Who Isn’t Me Sometimes — it was a way to perform in character if needed.5 feb. 2021

Is Teddy Swims signed?

Fast forward to the year 2020. Teddy Swims has moved to Atlanta and he’s now signed to Warner Records. With the studio release of “Picky” firmly notched under his belt, the brand new artist has set out for greener pastures.1 okt. 2020

Who Wrote broke song?

Broken (Seether song)”Broken”LabelWind-up EpicSongwriter(s)Shaun Morgan Dale StewartProducer(s)Bob MarletteSeether singles chronology14 rader till

How long has Teddy Swims been famous?

In the past two years, singer/songwriter Teddy Swims has emerged as a powerful, soulful vocalist, an artist signed with Warner Records, and a YouTube star who has attracted over 100 million views by performing his new songs and cover versions.8 okt. 2021

Has Teddy Swims got an album?

Tough Love2022, EPUnlearning2021, EPA Very Teddy Christmas2021, EP

Who manages Teddy Swims?

Swims, who was previously repped by UTA, continues to be represented by Luke Conway of Trade Secrets Management and attorney Joshua Kamen. “Teddy Swims is a dynamic new artist with a world class voice who has built a loyal fanbase and a steady stream of sold-out shows all leading up to his new and original music.29 sep. 2020

Who swims Teddy Wiki?

Jaten Dimsdale, an American singer songwriter known by his moniker Teddy Swims, was the lead singer of WildHeart and now a solo independent singer.

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