is tim dekay married

What is Tim DeKay doing these days?

Since the end of White Collar, DeKay has appeared in recurring roles on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Lucifer, American Crime, and Here and Now. Plus, he starred as Duval Pritchard in the short-lived Fox sci-fi drama Second Chance (pictured here).23 okt. 2019

What has Matt Bomer done since White Collar?

Currently, Matt Bomer stars in Doom Patrol. He was also recently heard in Justice Society: World War II and the Audible series, Hit Job. He also starred in The Boys in the Band and the most recent season of The Sinner.

Where did Tim DeKay go to college?

Le Moyne CollegeRutgers UniversityLansing High School

Who plays Tim on episodes?

Bruce Mackinnon as Tim Whittick (Seasons 4–5) – Sean’s former writing partner, with whom he stopped writing with after beginning a creative and romantic relationship with Beverly. According to Beverly, Tim refers to her as Yoko Ono by somehow adding the phrase “oh no” into their conversations.

Was Tim DeKay on FBI most wanted?

Additional guest stars include Tim Dekay (Angelo Carpenter), Clarke Thorell (Fred Duncan), Gregory Perri (William Duncan), Dan Amboyer (Todd Carter), Dana Berger (Vicky Brokaw), Geraldine Leer (Sally Wiggins), Dan Cordle (Dan Wiggins), Erica Sweany (Rachel Dunn), Bethany Lauren James (Anna Raos), Carlos Andrickson ( …2 nov. 2021

Who did Tim DeKay play in friends?

Marc Coreger appeared in “The One Where Rachel Has A Baby, Part 1”, portrayed by Tim DeKay. Marc and his wife, Julie share a semi-private labor room with Rachel and Ross.

Was Tim DeKay on Seinfeld?

“Seinfeld” The Bizarro Jerry (TV Episode 1996) – Tim DeKay as Kevin – IMDb.

How old is Peter Burke in White Collar?

Peter BurkeBirth Date(1963-08-25) August 25, 1963 (age 58)ProfessionFBI Special AgentSpecialtyWhite Collar CrimesFamilyElizabeth Burke (Wife) Neal Burke (son) Satchmo (Family dog)12 rader till

Does Matt Bomer have a son?

Henry HallsKit HallsWalker Halls

Does Matt Bomer play negative man?

During the show’s panel as part of last weekend’s second part of DC FanDome, Matthew Zuk, the actor who actually plays the physical aspect of Larry Trainor/Negative man, spoke about how the costume really helps inform the character for him.17 sep. 2020

Who is Matt Bomer in a relationship with?

But did you know he’s been married since 2011? Yep, that’s right, he’s been off the market for over 10 years. So who’s the lucky man? He’s married to Hollywood publicity mogul Simon Halls, and we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about Halls.22 feb. 2021

Did White Collar have an ending?

The White Collar ending confirms that, despite Neal spending years leading a mostly straight life in New York as Peter’s criminal informant, deep down, he will always want to live an exciting, albeit sometimes dangerous, life.8 maj 2020

Why did Natalie Morales leave White Collar?

In 2009, Morales joined the cast of the USA Network television series White Collar for the first season. She portrayed Lauren Cruz, a junior FBI agent. … She left the series when the cast was replaced for creative reasons.

Why did they end White Collar?

Why was ‘White Collar’ cancelled? ‘White Collar’ was cancelled due to a steady decline in its ratings since the end of season 4, along with the networks creative decision to create more space for edgier show. Had the ratings and viewership been consistently high, the show might have had a chance.27 sep. 2020

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