is tony parker married

Who is Tony Parker second wife?

Axelle Francinem. 2014–2020Eva Longoriam. 2007–2011

Who is Tony Parker seeing now?

Parker divorced his wife Axelle Francine a year after retirement and has moved on to another French beauty. In spring 2021, Parker posted pictures to social media with 31-year-old professional tennis player Alize Lim, all but confirming their relationship.

Does Tony Parker have a baby?

Tony Parker is an NBA star — and now, he’s also a dad of two! The San Antonio Spurs player, 34, and wife Axelle Francine have welcomed their second child, Parker announced Friday on Twitter.

Why is Tony Parker divorce?

Three years after Longoria and Parker wed in France, the 45-year-old actress filed for divorce amid allegations the former NBA star had a “sexting relationship” with Erin Barry, the wife of fellow “Spurs” player Brent Barry. The Barrys have since split.

Did Tim Duncan get married?

Tim Duncan isn’t married, but he isn’t exactly on the market now either. He’s been in a relationship with Vanessa Macias for some years now and has a daughter with her.

Does Tony Parker have kids with Eva?

Parker married French journalist Axelle Francine in 2014 and the couple shares two sons.

Who is Tony Parker’s baby mama?

Baby Boy on the Way for Tony Parker The San Antonio Spurs player announced on his French radio show Monday evening that he and wife Axelle Francine are expecting their second child together, a boy to be named Liam. The couple are already parents to 21-month-old son Josh.

Did Tony Parker have kids?

Liam ParkerJosh Parker

Is Tony Parker married again?

Axelle Francinem. 2014–2020Eva Longoriam. 2007–2011

Is Erin Barry still married?

Tony Parker’s former San Antonio Spurs team mate Brent Barry and his wife Erin Barry are officially divorced.

Why Tim Duncan got divorced?

Earlier reports indicated that Amy, initially filed the divorce back in March, stating that the couple’s marriage was “insupportable” because of discord and conflict. The San Antonio Express newspaper noted that prior to the divorce proceedings, Tim hired a private investigator to spy on Amy.

Who did Tim Duncans wife cheat on him with?

Thoughts today are w/one of classiest NBA greats of this generation, Tim Duncan says his wife Amy cheated on him with her personal trainer.

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