is travis freeman married

Did Travis Freeman ever marry?

Travis A. Freeman and Mrs. Stephanie L. Taylor Freeman were married on Saturday, July 25, 2015 in the Gatliff Chapel on University of the Cumberlands’ campus.11 aug. 2015

When did Travis Freeman meet his wife?

“Travis and I met on campus during Homecoming Weekend in 2014 and were married 10 months later in Gatliff Chapel on July 25, 2015. I have been the Administrative Assistant in Alumni Services at UC since May 2011.

What happened Travis Freeman?

So what caused Travis Freeman to go blind? It was a serious sinus infection called Cavernous Sinus Thrombosis (CST). It is a very rare but extremely dangerous form of a sinus infection with a mortality rate of about 8.3 %.28 sep. 2021

What infection did Travis Freeman have?

Finally, doctors found their answer. Freeman was suffering from cavernous sinus thrombosis. According to the website, “Cavernous sinus thrombosis is typically caused by an infection that has spread beyond the face, sinuses, or teeth.20 nov. 2014

Is the real Travis Freeman in 23 Blast?

23 Blast is based on the amazingly true story of Travis Freeman. A typical teenager growing up in a small town in Kentucky, Travis is a local hero on and off the field. In the fall of 1997, in the prime of his youth, he is unexpectedly stricken with an infection that destroys his optic nerve.

Did Travis Freeman get his sight back?

After the surgery, he had the courage to play Corbin High School, and played football all four years as a blind center on the varsity team. … He lost his vision but he still played football and counted his classes at Corbin. “Despite his blindness, Travis returned to the football field as a center” (Carlton).

What was Ashley’s last name on 23 blast?

Occasionally Ashley (Alexa PenaVega) appears to get all misty around Travis.21 okt. 2014

How did Jerry Baker 23 blast?

While working to provide for his family and a month after his wedding, Jerry fell from a roof and was paralyzed from the waist down and suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Where is Travis Freeman from?

born Aug. 3, 1990, in Cleveland, Ohio . . . two brothers . . . full name is Travis Dantamion Freeman.

Who is 23 Blast based on?

23 Blast is a 2013 American sports drama film directed by Dylan Baker. The film was written by Bram and Toni Hoover, inspired by the story of Travis Freeman, a Kentucky teen who loses his sight, but eventually overcomes the challenges of his disability, and continues to live his dream of playing football.

Does Netflix have 23 Blast?

23 BLAST is a powerful movie the whole family can enjoy! Available on Netflix until April 15th.12 apr. 2018

Who plays the pastor in 23 Blast?

Travis Freeman (I)

What year did Travis Freeman graduate high school?

He is a 1999 graduate of Corbin High School and earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Kentucky as well as a master’s of divinity and doctorate in philosophy from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.12 aug. 2015

How long did Travis Freeman play football?

He continued to play four years of varsity football in high school. His story was later adapted into the movie “23 Blast” and he wrote an autobiography called “Lights Out” that tells the true story of his life.14 okt. 2021

Where was the movie 23 Blast filmed?

23 Blast was shot entirely on location in Corbin, Kentucky. Baker said Travis and his family came by the set every day, allowing the cast to shower them with questions. “We are a very small budget film,” Baker said.27 okt. 2015

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