is travis wuertz married

Who is Travis Wuertz?

Travis Wuertz, 2x Forged in Fire Champion, Founder of Wuertz Machine Works – Blade Show Atlanta, The World’s Largest Knife Show. The founder of Wuertz Machine Works, knifemaker Travis Wuertz, will teach a hands-on class regarding the fundamentals of blade grinding. Classes are $25 each.

Where is Travis from Forged in Fire?

Travis Wuertz hails from Coolidge, Arizona and is the founder of Wuertz Machine Works. His shop is located on his family’s farm where he learned to make knives at the age of 13.

What brand of grinders are used on forged in fire?

The Brodbeck grinder is reliable, sturdy, easy to use, and easy to configure. Its elegant rock-solid design has made the Brodbeck Ironworks the preferred choice for bladesmiths and blacksmiths such as J.

What episode of Forged in fire was Travis Wuertz on?

Congrats go to alumnus Travis Wuertz, who took top honors on the March 15 episode on the History Channel reality competition “Forged in Fire.” The show challenges master blade smiths to craft weapons under tough time contraints.

What happened to Ben Abbott?

In some episodes since Season 4, he was replaced with two-time champion Ben Abbott, making fans worry again J. was stepping back. With a charming British accent, Ben Abbott has set up his permanent residence at Richmond, Virginia.

Who is the 2 time Forged in Fire Champion?

Ben Abbott is a two-time Forged in Fire champion who began making blades after seeing arms and armour in museums and castles around England when he was 13.

Who makes the knives on Forged in Fire?

Becoming a Forged in Fire champion The overall winner of each episode receives $10,000. Two knives made by Boyd Ritter. After binge watching as many episodes as he could, Ritter wanted to give blade forging a try.

Who won forged fire?

New London’s Brandon Hyner won “Forged in Fire” in an episode that aired Wednesday and walked away with $10,000 in prize money. On “Forged in Fire,” a competition TV series on the History Channel, bladesmiths are given challenges to recreate historical edged weapons.

Who created Forged in Fire?

When Tim Healy, head of programming and development at the History Channel and the creator of Forged in Fire, was first spinning up the idea for reality series, he just imagined a show where people created “weapons” from scratch. The specific idea to have the contestants create bladed weapons came later.

What belt sander do they use on Forged in Fire?

Jason has been using Red Label’s EdgeCore Ceramic belts for some time now. He grinds with the 2 x 72 belts, alternating between 36 and 60 grit to shape his blades. When asked why he prefers the EdgeCore Ceramic belts to other alternatives, he had a few things to say.

What is a good belt grinder for knife making?

The 8 Best Belt Grinders for Knife Making – Reviews 2022Bucktool BG2600 Belt Sander – Best Overall. … RIKON Power Tools 50-151 Belt Sander – Best Value. … Shop Fox W1843 Knife Belt Sander – Premium Choice. … Porter-Cable PCB420SA Belt Sander. … Jet Tools J-4002 Bench Belt and Disc Sander. … Grizzly Industrial H6070 Disc Combo Sander.More items…•Jan 10, 2022

Is Forged in Fire Cancelled?

Fans can likely expect the show to continue running, as the network has announced no plans to cancel the popular game show.

Do you get paid to be on Forged in Fire?

As a vicious rumor has it, not every contestant on ‘Forged in Fire’ gets paid. Currently in its eighth season, Forged in Fire obtained a loyal fan base thanks to its jaw-dropping portrayal of the work of blacksmiths. … As a fast-spreading rumor has it, only the winners get paid.

Who is the new guy on Forged in Fire?

“While we appreciate Wil Willis and everything he brought to the series, we are excited to start this new chapter and welcome Grady Powell into the ‘forge’ as our new host.”Jun 10, 2021

Why did leave Forged in Fire?

However, there was a reason behind Wil Willis leaving Forged in Fire. In March 2020, he and his wife welcomed a son, so he is currently spending time with his family. Wil also admitted in an interview that the working conditions on the show were not the best. He criticized his trailer and the slow filming process.

Why did Jason leave Forged in Fire?

In fact, back in Season 3, fans worried J. has decided to leave the show when he went missing from the judges’ panel. It turns out, he needed to take a leave of absence to have surgery on his hand, and fellow ABS Master Smith Jason Knight stood in for him while he recovered.

Is Forged in Fire real?

But according to some former contestants, there are a lot of components of the show that are very much real. Reddit user /rdeker posted about his experience on the show and confirmed that while he couldn’t spill all of the details, the show definitely keeps it a little bit realistic.

Why did Grady Powell replace will on Forged in Fire?

According to Trib Live, the History Channel said that the decision to replace Wil with Grady was made to earmark a “new chapter” in the show’s existence, and with the new year underway it makes much more sense now.

What was Ben Abbott before Forged in Fire?

Before “Forged in Fire” Ben has not always been able to spend his time fine-tuning blades and knives, and for many years he had to make do with making practically anything that came his way. Tools, furniture, ornamental ironwork, jewelry – these are just a few of the things he made to satisfy his need to create.

How staged is Forged in Fire?

The blacksmiths are real, but many times they do not have any experience making blades larger than a knife. A lot of the time, the blacksmith’s forges are not set up to make long blades, and they have to repurpose equipment and improvise in order to succeed.

Has a woman won Forged in Fire?

Yes, two! Rita Thurman won Forged in Fire when she crafted a beautiful Sodegarami, which is a Japanese barbed weapon that was used for catching criminals by Feudal Lords and officers. …

Do the winners of Forged in Fire get to keep their weapons?

Originally Answered: What happens to all the knives and swords made on Forged in Fire? According to a History Channel spokesperson, the losers get their weapons back. The winning weapon “is vaulted and used for displays on The Winners Wall and various other places.”

Is Doug marcaida Filipino?

Doug Marcaida is a martial artist, edged weapons specialist, and knife designer born in the Philippines, who calls Upstate New York home. … At age 25 he discovered his love for Filipino Martial Arts, and the rest is history.

Who won 2020 forged fire?

Bladesmith Jordan Kepler is the “Forged in Fire” champion in the season 8, episode 9 of the History Channel television series.

When did Ben Abbott become a judge on Forged in Fire?

Ben Abbott, a nine-time Forged in Fire champion as of February 2022, debuted as a judge starting with the 21st episode of the fourth season.

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