is trent willmon married

Where does Trent Willmon live?

Trent Willmon (born March 6, 1973) is an American country music artist, songwriter, and producer. Active since 1998 as a songwriter in Nashville, Tennessee, Willmon was signed to Columbia Records in 2004.

Does Cody Johnson write his own songs?

Johnson adds that he created this constellation of songs by choosing each one for its own reasons. “There are ones I wrote on, there are ones I didn’t write on, and there are ones that I wish I’d written. There was too much good out there to let go of, so I just said, ‘We’re going to cut all of them.

Who is Cody Johnson’s wife?

In the movie, Johnson’s wife Brandi said the men called out her husband’s bad behavior, and their lives improved.03.09.2021

Where is Cody Johnston from?

Cody JohnsonBornMay 21, 1987 Sebastopol, Texas, U.S.OriginHuntsville, Texas, U.S.GenresCountryOccupation(s)Singer-songwriter5 weitere Zeilen

What kind of jeans does Cody Johnson wear?

Cody mentions Wrangler numerous times on stage and also in a few of his songs, which is fitting due to the fact that Wrangler is so synonymous with country life.14.01.2019

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